Game, 40 Glocc Call Cosmic Kev To Discuss Latest Skirmish

Game vs 40 Glocc


(AllHipHop News) Rappers Game and 40 Glocc called into Philadelphia radio station Power 99FM tonight (July 10), to discuss their recent altercation.

The two rappers were featured on Cosmic Kev’s “Celebrity Tuesdays” segment of his long-running, popular, nightly radio show.

Game checked in from France, where he offered up his opinion on the altercation, which took place during a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills over the weekend.

“This is the guy who ran up on Weezy [Lil Wayne] with 40 guys pulling out guns, you know? This is the guy who ran up on Plies at Jamie Foxx’s video shoot with 40 guys you know? This is the same guy with five or 10 guys with him at the pool party, I don’t know,” Game said. “They all disappeared, he ended up by himself. That’s how it happens when you’re rolling with suckers.”

Game denied reports that he was at the party with dozens of gang members, and stated that 40 Glocc had more people in his entourage than he did.

Game described the altercation for Cosmic Kev.

“He’s walking down the driveway and he’s looking behind himself, trying to see if anybody’s coming because he’s terrified,” Game said.

Game claimed the rapper attempted to flee and tripped running while running downhill.

“I gave him a left to the rib cage, a right to the rib cage and then he hit this wooden piece, I guess somebody was cementing their driveway,” Game said. “He hit that with his face. He got up, I punched him [again] and knocked him down.”

Game explained that during the altercation, he managed to unlock his iPhone himself, pull up his video recorder and videotape a portion of the incident.

Game said that after his camera stop rolling, he left the scene, but a member of his entourage also assaulted 40 Glocc, which was also videotaped and will be released shortly as “the directors cut.”

40 Glocc called in shortly after Game’s interview and discussed his side of the altercation.

“I got jumped three, four times. I say three, cause the other one was him trying to pistol whip me and him missing,” 40 Glocc told Cosmic Kev. “Any footage you see of me with my hat off, it’s all edited. All of it started with guns drawn on me from the back. I had to dip and run and they had to chase me down with the pistols.”

40 Glocc claimed that Game pulled his pistol and put it to his head during the altercation, but that footage was edited to make it look like 40 Glocc was simply running away.

“At the car, I was already jumped. I wasn’t just jumped once, I was jumped three times. The whole thing started when they ran behind me with the guns, they chased me with down with the guns,” 40 Glocc said.

40 Glocc said a possible resolution to his issue with Game was a one-on-one fist fight, live in front of the cameras.

Check out both interviews below:

Game Calls in to Cosmic Kev to Comment on 40 Glocc Altercation
40 Glocc Calls in to Cosmic Kev to Comment on Game Altercation