Hip-Hop Rumors: Beef With Meek Mill And Chris Brown Confirmed! Illseed’s Quickies!


Who knew Chris Breezy was such an emotional creature?

Answer: Everybody

It seems like the beef with Chris Brown and Meek Mill is in full blast.

Apparently, that lil situation where Rihanna and Meek partying caused more issues that just with Meek and his girlfriend, Rememeber, his Philly jawn got p#####? Read that here.

[Meek Mill Says Rhianna F**kin’ Up His Good Thang]

Anyway, there were rumor that Breezy got pissy too, like Meeks girlfriend over Meek partying with his ex-gf RiRi. Well, got d#####, he went and took Meek off of his upcoming album because he was just mad, I guess. Meek didn’t even let it get to him, he just tweeted what was once speculated. The only thing is he went back and deleted it. LOL! I suppose politics play their part from the streets to the tweets!


I can’t lie. I know a couple girls that went to the Beyonce show in Atlantic City and they said she killed it. I heard there were packs of gay men flocking to the show as well.

Lil Bow Wow ain’t lil no more. Pause. Son has adult problems. He was just ordered to pay $4K in child support.

The FBI is reportedly spying on people thought Skype!

Also, rumor has it Diddy dropped $2 million on strippers in Miami this holiday weekend. He later tweeted that he may just be kidding.

Rumor has it Kim Kardashian keeps wanting Kanye to chill on partying so much.

Men in Black 3 finally detrained The Avengers, a feat no other movie has been able to do since the Marvel flick debuted.


Nas released “Daughters” on y’all this weekend.

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