Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris And Rihanna Are Back? Lady Gaga Calls Out Nicki Minaj


Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Already Back….

Dammmmmnnnnnn – that Rihanna must be the new Badu. Because, they are saying that she and Chris Brown are secretly back together. Now, this is not being made public because of the backlash from all their fans. Now, when they saw each other the other day at the VMA’s there was some sort of Kiss on the Cheek. I didn’t watch it, but that’s what I heard and you probably know. So these two are doing the do. I cannot say much more other than true love wins.

On the flip, CB has a girlfriend named Karrueche and she’s not a happy camper. At least she’s cute.

The kiss at the VMA’s didn’t go over well when the 23-year old…but that’s old news.

Chris has no respect, dun!


I was under the impression that these two were friends, sisters in the struggle of life. But, no. It appears that Lady Gaga has finally turned into a basic b. She slick dissed Nicki Minaj on her site littlemonsters.com for wearing an outfit that closely resembled an outfit that she wore in the past. Now Gaga really didn’t say a lot to a vid that called out Nicki. She simply said: “I’m have no comment tbh, hahahhahahahha”.

But in true online gang fashion, the Barbz went on the attack until the video was taken down. These chicks are cult leaders!

Source: ONTD

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