Hip-Hop Rumors: G.O.O.D. Music Gets Great Release Date!?!


Look like the summer is going to get a lil’ hotter right when its supposed to! July, go to hell!!! June, you are weak! The good people at G.O.O.D. are looking to release their compilation album on August 7. The boy Pusha T let it be known on Hot 97 just tonight and revealed that which we all wanted to know. Release dates are funny, but I thought I’d run this until the news section caught up.

I wonder if Kim K will make an appearance? OK, I’m not really wondering that.

You know, while I am here, I may has well tell you that people are chattering about Kanye and Jay-Z “going their separate ways.” I don’t believe it, but it seems to be rooted in these couple shows that Kanye is doing in Atlantic City, NJ. Click here to read up on that story.

Also, G.O.O.D. Music is going to be playing at the BET Awards! Read that as well.