Hip-Hop Rumors: Is 50 Cent Turning On G-Unit? Says Yayo And Banks “Need To Get Themselves Together”


Back in May, 50 Cent admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Lloyd Banks in nine months and even called him “a baby,” Now, the G-Unit general has made some suspect comments about his group mate, Tony Yayo. Check out what he told Big Boi from Big Boy’s Neighborhood below:

 “They (Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo) need to get themselves together.” 

“I’ve enabled them to a point where they feel like they don’t have to do anything.”

50 also expressed his frustration with Banks and Yayo in a recent interview with XXL Mag:

“I end up doing their job, too. They haven’t had a manager. I’ve been managing them for their entire careers.”

“That $8.7, $9 million a piece. I did that for them. I’m telling them since the top of last year, ‘Yo you got to find managers.'”

“Yayo has to do a lot more. He just doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.”

50 Cent kept it all the way real expressing his frustrations. How much longer do you see 50 Cent and G-Unit staying together? Do you think Banks and Yayo have a reason to be upset with 50’s comments?