Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Shia Labeouf Coming For Eminem's Crown?


Eminem has been the number 1 White rapper for a long time now and, to some, the best rapper period. But there is a new candidate coming for the CROWN. His name is Shia Labeouf! YEP. You know him as an actor of incredible stardom and perhaps a dude that gets his a$$ kicked every so often. Either way, he’s the man. BUT, Shia has a talent that you may have missed. And that talent is putting words together in the form of a rhyme and applying such verbiage to a musical beat. YEP! He’s apparently a rapper now. He has a new song and its called “Make Yah Dance.” Check it out!

OK, the truth is, I heard this came before Shia was famous and when he was in a rap group called Elements. Shame on the past for coming up to the present and giving us this to mess up our future. Just kidding. It was fun to hear for the first 10-15 seconds. 🙂


I came really close to making this an epic fail of the day, but decided I may meet dude one day. BUT. I spoke too soon! Apparently dude recently did a video with full frontal nudity recently. And the girls are not impressed so I have to give him the Epic Fail of the Day off that.