Hip-Hop Rumors: More Details Emerge Regarding The Drake Vs. Chris Brown Bottle Throwing Melee


Man, all h*ll broke loose last night when Chris Brown and Drake got into a nasty scuffle at a NYC nightclub that included bottles being thrown and hundreds of people running out of the club and onto the streets to escape the “blizzard of bottles.”

More details are emerging regarding what initiated the fight which left Chris Brown with a gash on his chin and sent five innocent bystanders to the hospital, one of whom is currently in critical condition.

The club WIP NYC (the bottom level of Green House) was packed with celebrities, including, Fabolous, Maino, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Teyana Taylor, Meek Mill, Tony Parker, Drake, and Chris Brown. According to a source on Sandra Rose.com, Chris Brown was already in the club with some Bloods gang members as was Meek Mell, who was in the club with his “grimy Philly n*ggas.” Drake arrived later and the DJ announced that “DRAKE IS IN THE HOUSE!”.

After playing a few Drake songs, the DJ then played one of Meek Mill’s tracks. After that, the DJ played a Chris Brown record. Drake, who was dancing on a table, jumped down off the table, like, “Naw, I don’t f*ck with that n*gga!”

Then, according to a NY Daily News police source, a round of drinks with a note about Rihanna was sent between the two groups before the fight began.

Drake allegedly approached Chris Brown and threw the first punch, as well as clocked Brown over the head with a bottle, according to GlobalGrind.com.

At that point, bottles start flying like a blizzard around the club.  A source inside the club says that said Drake ran into a bathroom as the melee started — a melee that he initially started.

Meek Mill’s people started throwing bottles as security escorted Chris Brown’s frightened girl, Karrueche Tran, out of the club to safety.

Brown allegedly shouted: “Pu$$y ass ni**a hiding in the bathroom!” and tweeted about the incident. Check out his tweets below:

Chris Brown’s security landed in the hospital, but Chris suffered a laceration on his chin.

Four of the injured people taken to local hospital were innocent bystanders, while the fifth was believed to be involved in the fight, police sources said. One of the injured, a 25-year-old man with a head wound, was in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital this morning.

New York party promoter Jessica Rosenblum tweeted Meek blaming him for the whole thing. “Really??? FU Meek Mills – u know how many f*cking years we worked to have fly hip hop sh*t in downtown NYC? G### if u don’t know how 2 hang”

Meek then tweeted out, “It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol” and also tweeted about Rihanna goodies being the reason behind the fight tweeting – “That p*ssy must be good LOL” along with a photo of the club after the bottle fight. Check it out below:

This is madness! The Chris Brown/Drake camps will meet again at the BET Awards on July 1. I think BET better look into hiring some extra security, stat!

And side note…isn’t Chris Brown still on probation??