Jay Electronica Threatens To “See” Kate Rothschild’s Ex-Husband


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jay Electronica took to Twitter earlier today and threatened Ben Goldsmith, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Rothschild heiress Kate Rothschild.

Jay E. took to Twitter to address reports that he is having an affair with Kate Rothschild, who runs Roundtable Records, a UK-based label.

Goldsmith, who is the son of billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, married Rothschild in 2003.

But the pair announced they will divorce today, after allegations of infidelity from both sides.

Earlier in the year, Goldsmith was
arrested and cited for assault for slapping Rothschild at their mansion.

The New-Orleans rapper, who is currently living in London, was the aggressor via Twitter.

“@BJGoldsmith: ‘ben you need to stop going to the press w these b******t stories. Dont be a f***ing hypocrite. I’ll come see you.,” Jay Electronica Tweeted. “you wanna go public, i’ll go public and you ain’t gonna like it. stop acting like a b####.”

Kate Rothschild also defended herself via twitter and implied that her husband had cheated on her several times.

“Our marriage went bad a few years ago and none of you have any idea what I went through along with my husband,” Rothschild tweeted. “My husband is a brilliant and incredible man… relationships can go wrong. This is the darkest time of my life.”