Jury Selection Begins In Lil Boosie Trial


(AllHipHop News) The trial of Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie begins today (April 30) in the rapper’s hometown.

According to The Advocate, 150 local residents will fill out forms to begin the selection process.

Jurors will not be questioned by State District Judge Mike Erwin until tomorrow, when the process continues.

As previously reported, the 12 jurors who will ultimately be selected will be anonymous, sequestered and under heavy security.

Lil Boosie is on trial for the first-degree murder of a man named Terry Boyd in October 2009.

The rapper is accused of hiring a teenager named “Marlo” Mike Louding to commit the murder.

Louding is also charged in five other murders, including Christopher “Nussie” Jackson, who was allegedly killed on Lil Boosie’s orders.

Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, it’s not charging any other slayings except the Terry Boyd murder.

Last week, District Judge Mike Erwin will that Lil Boosie’s lyrics could be used against him in court.

Prosecutors believe that Lil Boosie has admitted to some of the crimes in his lyrics, while his defense attorneys claim that he is simply a rapper and that the lyrics have nothing to do with this particular case.

If Lil Boosie is convicted, he faces an automatic life sentence.

He is currently being held at Angola State Prison.