Lord Jamar Speaks On Young Thug Wearing Dresses


(AllHipHop News) Lord Jamar called himself the “conservative voice” of Hip Hop. The Brand Nubian member has taken on the role of speaking out on several topics in the culture that he sees as damaging including the feminization of men.

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In his latest sit down with VladTV, Jamar offers his opinion on Young Thug. The buzzing rapper has garnered a lot of attention for his music as well as his tendency to wear women’s clothing, and Jamar is not supportive of the Atlanta native’s choice of attire.

“I’m not feeling him,” said Jamar on Thug. “I seen the n***a in a video where he came out, and his n***as got guns but he got on some womanly looking shirt on… It’s like the more effeminate s**t that you do, the more you’re going to have to do other s**t to try to prove your manhood.”

Jamar continues on the point that the emasculation of young men affects society as a whole.

“It’s these emasculated young boys that don’t have no father figure in the hood… disrespect women trying to prove they manhood. Running having mad babies with different girls, not taking care them, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning,” adds Jamar. “What another man wears does affect you cause it affects his mind and what he does in society. It affects what happens in society, and what happens in society is going to affect you.”

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Watch Lord Jamar’s interview below.