Meek Mill, Pastor Go Head-To-Head Over “Amen”; Rapper Says He’s An Athiest

Q-Deezy, Jomo Johnson, Meek Mill


(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has responded to comments a local pastor made, regarding his hit single “Amen.”

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of Philadelphia’s Open Air Church in Philadelphia, spoke out against Meek, calling for a boycott of the rapper and the song, which features Drake.

Pastor Johnson said he was offended due to the song’s contents, which features the pair thanking the lord for participating in various vices.

“All behavior starts with a belief,” Pastor Jomo K. Johnson told host Q-Deezy. “As young men and women are indoctrinated with this music, this belief, especially him [Meek] being from North Philadelphia, they’re going to follow what he does. I see it firsthand. I go door-to-door in North Philadelphia, I state it again, he left North Philadelphia I still live there.”

“As a Hip-Hop fan, I decided to check it out [‘Amen’] and listen to the lyrics,” Pastor Johnson continued. “I was just completely shocked that Meek Mill, knowing that Philadelphia is a highly religious community, he would choose to make a song thanking the good Lord, for things that are completely contrary to the holiness of God.”

Meek also called into Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia to discuss the proposed boycott of the track, which landed him on the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News yesterday (July 10).

Meek and Jomo K. Johnson had a conversation together and the rapper claimed the Pastor was simply looking for attention for his church, and his career as a rap artist.

“The way I’m looking at it is, you want to be famous. You want some money, or you’re trying to get your church some money,” Meek Mill said. “If you want that, you could have came to me and said that, or we could have had a talk about this. I’m out here feeding my family. For you to be talking about you trying to ban me? I done took 20, 30 drug dealers off the street. I’m out here passing out them coats to them kids, where was you at?”

Meek told the Pastor that although his grandmother and family members attended church, he was completely devoid of any religious belief and does not believe in God.

“I don’t want to hear nothing you’re talking about on that tip, I’m talking about reality,” Meek told the Pastor.

“F Meek Mill,” Pastor Jomo K. Johnson said.”The F stands for forgive.”

Check out Pastor Jomo K. Johnson, Meek Mill and Philadelphia personality Q-Deezy of Hot 107.9  discuss the track “Amen.”