Rapper Kid Ink Hits #1 On Digital Charts


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kid Ink is celebrating the release the successful release of his debut album Up & Away, which moved almost 20,000 copies in its first week of release.

Up & Away, which was released on June 12, sold a total of 19,766 units for independent label Tha Alumni Music Group.

The strong sales were enough to power the independent release to a Top 20 national debut next week.

Up & Away also hit #1 in the United States, as well as six other countries during the week.

Mixtape DJ Ill Will helped to launch Kid Ink’s career, with the release of the mix tapes “Crash Landing” and “Daydreamer.”

“In this day in age it’s all about show and prove. We wanted to stand on our own first and foremost and show the power of Kid Ink’s fan base and Tha Alumni Music Group’s Brand,” DJ Ill Will said. “Ink has had a very rabid fan base for quite some time so we were confident with the right material we would do these kinds of numbers or better. I’m excited to see where this album will take us…”

Kid Ink is currently gearing up for a tour of Europe, that will feature the rapper stopping in cities like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, Norway, Denmark and more.