Rev Run Helps Launch New Social Media App VOWCH


(AllHipHop News) Music fans are always trying to find an effective way to discover new artists, and a lot of the time the best new acts are discovered by learning about them from friends. A new app created by David Parker, Jeremy Parker, Amir Ben-Sheffer, and Jesse Itzler is updating the traditional word-of-mouth promotion for the digital age.

Reverend Run of Run-D.M.C., DJ Steph Floss, and DJ Shawty Slim are teaming together to help launch VOWCH. The interactive app allows users to “vowch” for limitless items and people; everything from music artists to apparel to television characters. The Vowches serve as firsthand recommendations to friends.

“The thing about VOWCH that I love is that I get to put my very own stamp of approval on the things that are interesting to me. From music, to sports, to random things I see, VOWCH is my digital thumbs up on the world around me,” said B.o.B. touring DJ Shawty Slim in statement.

What separates VOWCH’s “likes” from other social media platforms is that regular users receive points for the Vowches that earn the most interest. The highest earners are then placed on the “Boss List” as leaders in each particular category.

Users can also add their own description, music, photos, video, links, or maps to each Vowch, and their friends can then like, comment, or Re-vowch.

“We wanted to build a platform that in 30 seconds or less allows you to quickly give your friends a rich picture of what you’re into and a taste of why you’re into it,” adds Parker. “It’s amazing how much cool stuff there is out there to discover. But even when people like the same thing, they often like different aspects of it and have different reasons for liking it.”

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For more information about VOWCH check out the app in the iTunes store.