Rihanna Using Ghost Tweeters and Social Media-ers?


(Rumors) On Twitter and Instagram, Rihanna is very very personable and, in all actuality, hilarious. She demonstrates a level of intellect that rivals a marginal comedian. Yet, in real life. not so much…at least to the commoner. Some folks fairly close to the situation have speculated that RiRi’s wit and infectious bad girl attitude is partially helped by a Ghost Tweeter. Well, as you know, Ghost Tweeting is nothing new. Early on, Diddy used one from what I have been told and others too. A lot of them now actually man their one brands in the respect and now get better results that the disasters of the early social media era. RiRi is very successful on social media. Hoping she is actually as interesting on Twitter as real life. This would mean, she’s very lovable in a non-unhealthy relationship way.

In other rumors, I heard RiRi was very funny in “Battleship” over the weekend even though the chick was wasn’t in a comedy. “Avengers” sunk “Battleship” over the weekend in ticket sales.


Word on the block is that publishers are trying to get Gayle to write a tell-all about Oprah. There’s rumored friction between the two. I wouldn’t be shocked that Oprah has a total confidentiality clause on her friends.

J.Lo is rumored to be leaving American Idol, if you would happen to care.

Did you know that Lil Wayne is accused of assaulting somebody with a damn skateboard? Click here:——>>>>>

Mark Zuckerberg went and got married to his longtime girlfriend on May 19, the day after Facebook went public. That chick came up! LOL!

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Robin Gibb, on of the legendary Bee Gees, died at the age of 62 due to cancer.

Raz-B is working on a tell-all book. Chris Stokes must have his lawyer on the line RIGHT NOW!

Maybach O. That’s all. I just wanted to say “Machbach O” to make myself laugh. LOL!

Adrienne Bailon and Julissa Bermudez are looking to get a reality show about two Latinas in the city.

T.I. is reportedly looking to retire. Now, why wanna do that dun, huh?



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