Run It Back: Taps Coca-Cola to Form Ekocycle Recyclable Lifestyle Brand


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(AllHipHop News Feature) Last night (October 24), the Black Eyed Peas leader, philanthropist, and production aficionado, teamed with beverage giant Coca-Cola, to proudly present their global initiative two years in the making, Ekocycle. Ekocycle, which models behind the message ‘Endings, present New beginnings’ is a lifestyle brand built on delivery fresh new ways for our younger generation to embrace recycling in style. The idea for Ekocycle came to during the most recent Black Eyed Peas tour.

“We were performing in front of 200,000 people,” stated to “And it wasn’t until after the show was over, and all those fans were gone, I saw all the waste that was left behind. So I came up with the idea and pitched it to Coca-Cola. It took two years to place the right team together. We needed environmentalists, partners, etc. Our six partners are Beats by Dre, New Era, MCM, RVCA, Case-Mate and Levi’s. I want to educate and inspire the next generation to take better care of our world, in a cool way.”

Ekocycle is a pleasant play on words. The first four letters are “Coke” inverted, paying homage to Coca-Cola. Beats by Dre and New Era being the first to partner up with Ekocycle, cemented the potential impact the initiative could create. Your favorite artist, professional athlete, or local trendsetter will more than likely leave their home with one or both products on display. Now, they can show off while taking care of the planet.

The Ekocycle Beats by Dre’s are slated for release this Fall. While Ekocycle New Era hats will be available early 2013, iPhone 5 owners can purchase the Ekocycle case at Best Buy. and Coca-Cola are well aware their venture won’t make an immediate impact, but an impact nonetheless. Recycling starts at home and with conviction.

“There’s a responsibility that we all must take on as citizens of the world,” said to everyone in attendance which helped to make his dream a reality. “Just because you recycle, doesn’t mean that your city recycles. We must demand more from ourselves and our surroundings. And we must continue to convert waste into a commodity so that waste is not wasted.”

The Black Eyed Peas are currently on hiatus, working on individual goals.