Sade Discusses Hip-Hop; Regrets Missing Jay-Z On Hit Track ‘Soldier of Love’


(AllHipHop News) An official studio collaboration between Jay-Z and singer Sade could take place in the near future.

During an interview with Jay-Z’s blog site Life + Times, Sade revealed her desire to work with one of the world’s top rap artists.

The legendary singer said that missing the opportunity to record with Jay-Z in 2010, was one of her biggest regrets.

“I would have asked Jay-Z to rap on ‘Soldier Of Love’ in 2010. There’s not much else I would change – the mistakes I’ve made have made me grow braver,” Sade said.

Despite numerous requests from rappers, Jay-Z is the only rap artist to officially appear on a track with Sade.

The rap mogul was featured on the remix to the single “The Moon and The Sky,”which was released as a bonus track on 2011’s album The Ultimate Collection.

But just because she has not worked with rap artist in the past, does not mean she does not respect the genre, which has sampled her music often, throughout the years.

“I love when our music is reclaimed to make something new,” Sade continued. “It’s like musical recycling. I always see it as a compliment.”