EXCLUSIVE: Zaytoven Directs and Scores Movie “Birds of a Feather” Starring Gucci Mane and Others


(AllHipHop News) Bay Area bred/Atlanta based producer Zaytoven has announced a new movie called Birds of a Feather.

The movie includes live footage of actual recording sessions mixed with acting by artists that Zaytoven has recorded with over the years.

The movie is centered around recording sessions for Gucci Mane, Rocko, and Zaytoven.

The project, titled Birds of a Feather, incorporated real life situations with improvisational acting.

“It’s just something new for me. In the music business if anyone has kept up with me and what I can do, you know from the beginning of my career, its always been me working with someone I haven’t worked with, or something new, so I wanted to jump into the movies,” Zaytoven told AllHipHop.com.

“What I did is take all the guys that I work real close with in the music industry and did a movie sort of around me and how I made it into music with a twist and with some drama and comedy. Put it all together and you got my new movie, Birds of a Feather,” he added.

The Al Nuke directed flick features a host of other rappers from Atlanta including but not limited to, Gucci Mane, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe, Shawty Lo, DJ Scream, OJ the Juiceman, Big Bank Black, YC, Yung Ralph and the Dirty Boyz.

Birds of a Feather
revolves around the life of Zaytoven, who plays a character of the same name.

He stars as an aspiring music producer from the Bay Area, recently relocated to Atlanta in search of fame and fortune.

In an attempt to gain instant success, Zaytoven allows his cousin Curtis (Nuke) to manage his career, but unbeknownst to Zaytoven, Curtis puts the two men in a life-threatening bind.

“I guess the way the title came together is that me Gucci and Rocko were working on a street album called Birds of a Feather, and everyday, I recorded video of it.

“I would ask questions about why we were calling the songs what they were and why we were doing the song, and I thought that I could do a movie on the whole experience,” Zaytoven continued. “These artists were coming to the house everyday, and it just worked out with the artists, and we are all alike, and we are all different. But there is real acting in this; it’s not a documentary. There’s real comedy and drama in this movie.”

Zaytoven also took part in scoring the movie, a task he hopes to pick up in other movies going forward.

“Me scoring the movie and putting the movie together really took a lot of time, but as a matter of fact, I just started working with [Rick] Ross a few days ago. I’m just doing this movie stuff to brand myself, I want to score movies, so why not score my own movie and get my feet wet? I’m still producing, but I really want to get into film,” he said.

Birds of a Feather is expected to be released in September.

For more information on the movie, check out www.bofthemovie.com. Below is an official trailer.