Jadakiss Talks Who Biggie Is Talking About On "I Got A Story To Tell," Hanging With JR Smith And More


Jadakiss appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable  to talk sports and hip-hop. During their convo, hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard asked Jada to give up whether the Notorious B.I.G was talking about ex-Knicks player John Starks on his song “I Got A Story To Tell.”

“Big wouldn’t tell me. I was doing my own investigation,” he joked. “Out of my candidates it would have to Anthony Mason, Larry Johnson, maybe Derek Harper.”

The raspy-voiced MC also spoke on his most fearful moment while hanging with DMX. The LOX rep says X would always have his dog Boomer with him and one day and things almost went left when he was left alone with the late pitbull.

“One time he asked me to ride somewhere with him. When he’s there its cool but he got out for something. I’m just in the back seat with Boomer. He’s growling, he drooling on me. I’m begging for X to come back. X is taking forever. I’m trying to get out of the car. Boomer won’t let me.”

Watch below to hear if Boomer attacked and get his take on being a Knicks fan, hanging with J.R Smith and more.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzyxTsUv4Yg]