Stro Pops Off After An Interview With Jack Thriller Goes Left

Stro Got Bars!

Stro has been on the grind for quite some time and even though he’s a dope actor, his heart is in Hip-Hop. Case in point: his new video. He’s being interviewed by Jack Thriller on the ficticious show “YO! Struggle Raps” when he snaps. But, he doesn’t spazz on the host – he starts killing it on the mic. The two-part video expands onto a doper level with the second half, which is reminiscent of “Drop” by The Pharcyde. That’s Stro though. He’s a modern-day representations of a Brooklyn that can carry the torch like Joey Bada$$. Check out this creative homage to YO! MTV Raps.

While you are at it, peep “Best By Far,” the latest release from Stro.