#TBT CLASSICS: When Hip-Hop Would “Knuckle Up”


The whole Troy Ave situation is a stark reminder that the days of old are way behind us. Guns have always been present in Hip-Hop, but there was a day when men’s prided themselves on their hand skills. Naughty By Nature has always been official in the ‘hood but on their first album they created a classic song that was in the shadow of the mammoth hit “O.P.P.” “Guard Your Grill” was a calling card from the group, fronted by word smith Treach. He says flat out, “Put down ya handgun, up with ya hands, son.”

“Guard your grill, knuckle up
I ain’t the type to give up
Guard your grill, knuckle up
I smoke first, so what’s up
Guard your grill, knuckle up
Put em up, you ain’t tough
Guard your grill, knuckle up”

The year was 1991. Cheers to Kay Gee, Vinnie and Treach.” Now, check out “Guard Your Grill.”

Oh and for fun… Check out “O.P.P” too!