98priest Shares Music Video For “Growing Up” From Most Recent Ep ‘Let Love: In’

Looking ahead, 98Priest plans an exciting collaboration with his brother NEM6 (NEMO) after the “Let Love: In” project.

In the vast world of music, few artists shine as brightly as 98Priest (@98Priest), a rising star hailing from San Antonio, TX. His music not only showcases immense talent but also an unapologetic vulnerability that captivates listeners. 98Priest, born Nijewl Priest, blends the soulful vibes of the ’70s with modern storytelling, creating a sound that resonates across eras and genres.

The artist’s name carries a profound meaning, symbolizing his birth year (’98) and his mother’s last name (Priest). This fusion connects him deeply to his roots and sets the tone for his unique musical journey.

“Let Love: In,” a poignant three-track EP, marks a significant chapter in 98Priest’s career. Released on August 4, 2023, this project reflects his personal experiences and journey. The EP dives into the themes of love and self-discovery, each track unraveling a different facet of these emotions. From realization to redemption, 98Priest lays bare his soul, inviting listeners to join him on an introspective voyage.

His most recent music video, “Growing Up,” serves as a vivid glimpse into 98Priest’s world. The video encapsulates his growth as an artist and an individual, mirroring the themes of his music. Through powerful visuals and introspective lyrics, the song resonates with anyone navigating the complexities of life and maturation.

98Priest’s sound is a fusion of ’70s grooves and contemporary storytelling, spanning RnB/Soul to Rap. This fusion of eras and genres underscores his ability to captivate audiences with his depth and authenticity.

Inspired by music legends like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, 98Priest aspires to create music that transcends boundaries and touches hearts universally. His journey from shyness to embracing vulnerability through music has propelled him to profound personal and artistic growth.

Looking ahead, 98Priest plans an exciting collaboration with his brother NEM6 (NEMO) after the “Let Love: In” project. His ultimate goal remains to craft music that resonates globally.

Intriguingly, “Let Love: In” and the compelling music video “Growing Up” invite fans to witness 98Priest’s evolution. His music acts as a mirror for self-discovery, extending an invitation for listeners to introspect alongside him. To experience this transformative journey, watch the “Growing Up” music video and explore “Let Love: In” on Spotify.

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