Alezo Valentino Is Ready To Take On The World

Alezo says. “I’ve always been listening to Pop and Reggaeton music, and when I released my latest reggaeton track, people went crazy.”

Alezo Valentino released his song last year 2021. The morning after Alezo Valentino released the song he checked the stats and noticed the song had thousands of views on YouTube. He was reeling from the excitement. “There are so many people that drop songs on YouTube every second and for my song to go viral was really big for me, I’ve just been really happy celebrating,” he says, calling from his vacation hotel. “I’m still a little out of it because we went out and celebrated now, I’m back at the hotel.

The whole past year 2021 was somewhat of a whirlwind for Alezo Valentino. He began doing live shows 2020 and when he was starting to get more comfortable on stage his manager booked a bigger venue but it was cancelled because of the pandemic, so he ended up recording the single Cae La Noche instead. The record has no feature on it and has done well on the YouTube charts. It is now at over 106k views on the social media platform.

Now, Alezo Valentino is ready to make more moves. Growing up, he had dreams of being a Hockey or Football player; he even made a bid to play on a college team in the U.S. because he was offered scholarships at several Universities before an injury cut his career short and he pivoted to music. Some of his early work made it seem as though he would be at the forefront of a PoP/R&B wave in Spanish-language music, with lighter, melody-driven songs drawing on his love of performers like Michael Jackson.

But he also played with trap, an early indicator of the eclecticism he wanted to indulge in, and his recent songs have continued to spotlight Pop and reggaeton.“I couldn’t do reggaeton,” he says. “I’ve always been listening to Pop and Reggaeton music, and when I released my latest reggaeton track, people went crazy.”

Alezo Valentino prefers home studios where he can hole up for days and come up with ideas. That’s mostly how he spent the last few months of 2021, apart from hanging out with his friends and occasionally jet-skiing with his friends. The better part of his hours are spent on music, and he already has some track ideas lined up for 2022. “I have Electro mixed with Pop and R&B even music that’s a bit more classic because I’m a huge fan of that kind of music, thanks to my parents,” he says. Both of his parents were really into all kind of music genres, and would always play loud music in their home. Music such as Michael Jackson, Rock music, electro music. Alezo Valentino says he love to explore different genres of music. “Fusing modern styles with past roots is something that to me is really beautiful and innovative,” he adds.

He’d also like to collaborate with other artists, But the most important thing is to keep the momentum he has going. He can feel the gears shifting now: His music is resonating with people and he gets a lot of messages on social media about how much people loves his music. “We’re in a different position, where people know my music more, I have a lot of songs stored on a hard drive on the list that will be released very soon’’ he says. 

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