Antonio “Tone D.” Crawford is Changing the World of Hip-Hop

Tone D.’s passion for music drove him to establish Doomsday Music.

Antonio “Tone D.” Crawford is living proof that a person can turn their life around. From starting out as an avid fan of hip hop in the late 90s, he ultimately got caught up in the lifestyle of violence and crime depicted in many of the rap songs, leading to a slew of arrests. After being released, Tone D. was inspired to take his life seriously and devoted himself to making music with a positive message through his independent record label, Doomsday Music. 

Instead of promoting reckless behavior, like violence and getting involved with drugs, Tone D. creates music that influences his listeners to party and has a good time. The success of this approach is evident from the overwhelming support shown by fans, catapulting Doomsday Music to half a million streams and counting.

Tone D.’s passion for music drove him to establish Doomsday Music. With his past experience of being involved in the creative world, he knew it was time to put together the right team of people that shared his same vision. Today, he has been able to connect with many talented artists and musicians who share his same goals and ideals. As Doomsday Music continues to grow and expand, Tone D. recognizes the impact his record label is making.

Doomsday Music accredits its success and distinguishes itself from the competition by staying focused. While most people in this industry are living it up and flaunting their money, those involved with Doomsday Music remain connected with their community and stay humble. Tone D. knows firsthand the benefits of grinding rather than partying. 

The new Doomsday Music compilation album “Dark Mathematics” is in the works to be released, showcasing their unique and talented roster of artists. As anticipation grows for the new album’s release, listeners can keep up to date with the latest from Doomsday Music by following their Instagram,  @tone_dushane.