Big Pun's "Bronx Legends Never Die" EP Release Date Set (COVER ART/TRAILER)


(AllHipHop News) Christopher “Big Punisher” Rios passed away in 2000 from a heart attack at the age of 28, but The Bronx rapper’s music has been able to live on. The world will be getting another dose of Big Pun rhymes with the upcoming release of the Bronx Legends Never Die EP.

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The project is being spearheaded by executive producer Domingo with the blessing of the late rapper’s family. Pun fans will have limited opportunity to pre-order the CD format of BLND at Only 100 physical copies of the project are being created.

Pun broke onto the Hip Hop scene in 1998 with his critically acclaimed debut Capital Punishment. The album was the first by a Latin rapper to sell over one million copies. Big Pun’s lyrical ability and commercial success garnered him mentions in the “best emcees of all time” discussion.

The original Terror Squad member especially made a mark among some of the top battle rappers in history. Dizaster, Hollow Da DonIllmaculateThe Saurus, John John Da Don, and Jin have all named Big Pun on their personal lists of top five emcees dead or alive.

“Pun was always repping hard for the Boricuas, so that obviously was inspiring to me,” Jin told in October. “Just to see that you can go hard for your culture and people. At the same time, he wasn’t defined by that either. Pound-for-pound, lyrically, Pun was one of the best.”

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Big Punisher’s Bronx Legends Never Die is scheduled for release on December 23 via Deranged Music. Check out the cover art and watch the trailer for the EP below.

Big Pun Bronx Legends Never Die