Chance The Rapper Raises 60,000 in Just 10 Days For Chicago’s Homeless


It has always been an unofficial duty in Hip Hop to give back to the community you came from after you’ve made it big. Chance The Rapper for one has always stayed true to that. This holiday season, although he did not grace us with a follow up to Acid Rap, Chance did launch a charitable project called “Warmest Winter” where he encouraged his fans to donate money to help keep Chicago’s homeless warm in the bitter cold.

The jackets, known as EMPWR coats, are provided by The Empowerment Plan Detriot and have some pretty perfect features for those struggling throughout Chicago’s winter. Each jacket is self heating and water resistant and can also be converted into sleeping bags for the night or a carrying bag for the day.

Chano gave his Twitter followers a preview of what the jackets would look like with a retweet of the image below:

He also took to Twitter to announce the projects quick coming success on Christmas Day.

Find out more about the project here.