Foreign Glizzy “Penthouse Flow” Official Music Video

Positioned as the lead track, ‘Penthouse Flow’ sets the tone for the entire project, exuding an unapologetic aura of success.

Penthouse Flow is the Debut single off of Foreign Glizzy’s “Penthouse Music” latest Project. From the title to the lyrics it explains the lifestyle of foreign Glizzy’s Boss Demeanor. The video is incredible with views of the Bay Area and back seat riding with a chauffeur. The song “Penthouse Flow” is the very first song of the project and it starts the whole boss vibe off.

Foreign Glizzy is growing fans at a rapid pace. After the first successful week of the launch of penthouse music album and the debut single, he is really showcasing his musical talents and luxurious lifestyle. Foreign Glizzy is here to stay! Check it out below!