Forget Everything You Know About Genres and Embrace the New – Welcome to the World of Zoot.

Zoot is all about making uncompromising, spontaneous, and direct music.

Zoot is an artist who straddles the line between various styles. His music combines the edge of pop-punk with the melody of trap, finding the perfect balance between these different styles and making for a genuinely unique formula.

Persian-born artist, producer, and entrepreneur Zoot found his passion for music at a young age. With limited freedom in Iran leading him to move to the United States when he was just 13 years old, it didn’t take long before he started recording songs on his iPhone – allowing him to share unique sounds that have resonated with listeners since then. While struggling with isolation and culture shock during this transition period impacted Zoot’s mental health, too; however, through those difficulties came an understanding of how musical healing can genuinely change someone’s perspective, which is now reflected in his work today.

BASIQ, the artist’s most recent visual, is immersive and endearing from the moment you hit the play button. This collaboration with MOP Head is a perfect example of what Zoot’s music is all about.

The sound of this artist has a very recognizable flow. Zoot values the listening experience of his fan base. His music makes for a unique mood setter, offering some of the best of both worlds in terms of pop-punk and trap vibes. The artist’s music has a melodic introduction that’s instantly gripping. A few seconds later, the visual truly takes off, hitting the listener with a dreamy soundscape that’s cinematic and atmospheric.

The visual has a very diverse, cinematic power to it. His work also feels like an opportunity to experiment with different styles and genre blends. In addition to the creative freedom, the quality of the production on Zoot’s music is notable. His work is sonically pristine, reflecting exactly what the audience might expect from a world-class artist that wants to find an audience on a global stage.

Zoot is all about making uncompromising, spontaneous, and direct music. He is about increasing his artistic vision and sharing his personality with the audience.

Some artists are natural-born entertainers, but Zoot is so much more than that: he wants to create a true community with his music, reaching out to people from all walks of life with a sound that is always engaging, inspiring, and easy to relate to.

Please find out more about this artist, and take advantage of his most recent single, BASIQ, featuring MOP Head.