Fresh x Reckless Unveils Upbeat Fusion Track “ASSEMBOL” to Keep the Party Vibes Rolling

“ASSEMBOL,” showcases a different side of their artistry.

Fresh x Reckless (@freshxreckless), the dynamic hip-hop duo known for their TikTok viral sensation “Blicky,” just dropped a highly anticipated new track, “ASSEMBOL.” This latest release delivers an irresistible blend of dancehall vibes and hip-hop bounce elements, guaranteed to get audiences moving to its infectious beats.

Their breakout hit, “Blicky,” took the world by storm. The song quickly became their first number one hit, with over 30 Million views on TikTok, surpassing expectations. The massive popularity and success of the song is in thanks in part to their creation of a viral dance challenge. Now, with a dedicated audience and fans who are tuned into their every move, the duo is keeping up the momentum with “ASSEMBOL.”

The duo has successfully leveraged social media to connect with their fans on a personal level, regularly going live and involving their followers in various activities, including talent showcases and giveaways. They recently went viral at the VMA awards for their signature pose, which is just them being original.

Fresh x Reckless, who hail from New Orleans, have carved their own unique path in the music industry. The duo’s journey began when they met at a video shoot several years ago, merging their talents to create a dynamic group that can do it all. The name “Fresh x Reckless” embodies their essence – “clean cuts” combined with the unbridled energy of the 504. Fresh x Reckless explained, “Running around, fresh, and we can get reckless.”

Fresh x Reckless are not immune to the occasional criticism, but they believe in staying true to themselves. They shared their philosophy, saying, “We don’t care what people say, but we care.” They’re determined to keep blazing their own trail and have garnered support from fellow artists like Rae Sremmurd, who acknowledged their unique contributions to the industry.

“ASSEMBOL,” showcases a different side of their artistry. “We’re more serious with our artistry,” they noted. They are here to stay and ready to engage with their fans, who have shown immense love and support throughout their journey. The track symbolizes their journey and connection with their fans, and what’s to come in the future.

Listen to “ASSEMBOL” here