Hard Work Pays Off: An Interview With Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

AllHipHop recently had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with chitty about, among other things, his early beginnings, musical aspirations, and future endeavors.

Chitty chitty bang bang is a rising artist who recently made a positive impression on listeners with his latest track, “filthy rich”. The st. Petersburg, Florida native is gearing up to release an album and multiple visuals this year. AllHipHop recently had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with chitty about, among other things, his early beginnings, musical aspirations, and future endeavors.

AllHipHop: Tell us about your next release.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: To be honest, I feel like this next one is really going to tip the scale. I got a couple of them I believe are real deal hits. That everyone going to enjoy. I got one that I know the kids going to go crazy with on tik tok , on the radio all of that. But before that one I got one that I know for a fact people going to see how I’m really coming. We stepping and we stepping foreal! Everything selfmade. From the ground up. Straight out the dirt.

Shout out to breezy for the flyest most firest cleanest video you have ever seen. Shout out to my boys Cantrell and Tommy Chef School for cooking up this fire-ass beat!! And just shoutout to my whole team period for just being a bunch of great, ambitious, hardworking mfers all with the same dream, motivation and drive to just win!!

AllHipHop: Other than musical endeavors, what’s next for you?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: honestly I’m up for every and anything! I got a lot of goals in place that I’m working to achieve. Dreams bigger than me & you can see I’m a big boy hahaha somethings I don’t want to speak on too much simply because I was just raised not to talk about your plans, you can’t really count your eggs before they hatch you feel me.

But I’m definitely trying to get into hollywood! I really wanted to be a actor any kind of acting from comedy to action to some serious crazy s### like split hahahha I’m up for all of it and I got 100 voices 100 different people in my head one for any role they got for me hahahaha so anybody out there in hollywood looking for their next superstar or marvel super hero. Let me know. I promise I can take a joke I ain’t going out like will!! 😂 I love ya will please don’t smack me for that. I don’t wanna fight no one today hahaha

AllHipHop: What is your favorite song or work of art and how did it inspire you to become an artist?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Dammmm. Bruhhh! There is way too many to even explain and express! I would literally be here all day and night for the next 365 days straight to tell you all of them and why. But I grew up on all types of music with my mom & sister funkin 80’s techno freestyle house music to michael jackson to mariah carey and cher, madonna, Jlo, Etc etc etc from my daddy biggie smalls, big pun, 50cent, cash money, ruff ryders, dipset, bob marley literally everything all the way to modern day now juicewrld for sure.

Xxxtentacion, lil durk, King von, hottboi, plies, gucci boosie etc! Bro literally everything I listen to I love deeply and I wont say is inspiration to rap more of something that helped me get threw different points of my life from bruno mars and miguel to tory lanez and rodwave. It really is too much! I need a whole year to explain all types of music I listen to and why I love it!

AllHipHop: Are you currently signed to a record label?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: no I am not currently signed to a record deal. I’ve had people hmu and talk about it but nothing sealed like bringing that right paperwork making no huge deals that I know I’m worth. I’m a goldmine and I’m next to priceless. Just off my mind being a mind of a genius, my work ethic my hustle.

Literally everything you see me with everything you see from the studio I own to my video production company to the cars clothes jewels everything is mine and what I built off the hustle off the muscle straight out the mud like a lotus flower and out the dirt like a ant. I wont say I wont sign no deal cause I’d be lying if I said that but I have real big dreams and like drake said a real bigg team and we need some really big rings hahahaha I need to be able to run my own show.

I got a lot of artist that I work with in my studio bigg bang studios that are superstars! And I want on my own label under a label to put them in position to win! The potential they have is out of this world. They just needed someone to kick the door down and show em the light. And thats me thats where I come inn. It’s just a matter of time. God willingly.

AllHipHop: Tell us about your life.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: ahhhh mannn! Where do I even begin?! My life is absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely crazy to say the least. To be honest if I told you the things I went threw and go threw this current day , you wouldn’t believe it. A lot of things I can’t even speak on. My life like the wild wild west bruh. Foreal. And beyond unpredictable.

To sum it up I would say a lot of trials and tribulations! Very few ups and a whole lotta downs. But threw every single storm I go threw I will tell you this. No matter what! I am blessed. We are all blessed just to have the honor and privilege to open our eyes today and see the sunlight. To be able to open your eyes and see green grass and blue skies is a blessing in itself.

Everybody I know has came close to death and prison if they aren’t already dead or in prison as we speak. It’s very tough world to live in. And they make it impossible to survive at times to live in florida and st pete specifically you got to have fight in you. Got to have heart of a lion and a whole lot of prayer. Some people content with how they live and stay in the house and out the way. Thats good thats best thing you can do. But others grinding everyday trying to get a step ahead, feed their families and achieve whatever dreams they may have.

But counter to that you got other folks jacking s### killing s### trying to take what you fought so hard to gain & just take it all away in one wop. Ain’t no care for life in st.Pete to be real with you. S### crazy man. And I can go on all day and tell you about s### I seen and done been threw. Life is just crazy. To sum it up in one word. 2 words absolutely crazy! Hollywood come holla at me and I promise you 100million in the box office 1st week off my life. Call it my crazy life. True story!

Allhiphop: How did you get into music?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: well it really started around 14, 15, 16, partying & bullshitting with friends getting drunk freestyling. But that s### was just for fun, s#### and giggles you know what I mean. I started really writing poetry, and just putting feelings on paper everytime I was going threw things , and took it to a whole nother level once my cuzzin got murdered in 2014. But to be honest in life I always had other s### going on working trying get to the $ one way or another and really was 1 foot in the music and 1 foot out.

I never wanted to be out in public eye with the music never wanted put myself out there like that.
I have hard time doing that, I like to be behind the scenes and real lowkey you know, but everyone in my circle was getting on my head like damn n#### you got a studio you got all this music recorded and you just holding it for what.

My momma pushing me telling me I needa put it out and what was the point if I was never going to release it. I kinda did it as just a way to vent or therapy and always felt like it was just for me. It wasn’t meant for the world. Like maybe when I die, just release everything as like a vocal journal of my life journey. Honestly I feel like a birdman, a Yo gotti, a Rick Ross.

Ima do something and let ya have a piece of me and my life in music but im really on some ceo entrepreneur s###. I’m doing this to make a way out for me and my people. I’m here to kick the door inn and let my people in so we can all eat. Because the artists that personally in my circle are god given talented people that real deal live this music s### every day and night from time they wake up to rehearsing, performing, and practicing everyday and night to wake up tomorrow and do it again.

They just don’t have the privilege to have the right person hear them, or to put them in the game and help push them – show the world what real music is like! That’s exactly what I want to do! I got artists who rap & sing – country, reggaeton, english, and spanish. Even know arab dude who sing in arabic. I know a lot of good people. I know they got it! They work to perfect their craft everyday and they got it they just need a financial system behind them to market correctly or a guy like me to show the world what I got . What I’m about.

And bring them to the table so the world and the fans and supporters can hear the buried treasure that I have the pleasure to have in my hands! I want the world to enjoy real good music and real good talent and join all of us on our journey! I want them to know what our lives like threw our music. And also give back to people in the same position we once was and help them escape threw opportunity!

Allhiphop: What would be your dream collaboration?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Mannnn! Yall make this hard as f***!! There is sooo manyyy artist I would love to work with! The list would wrap all the way around the world like 3xs hahahaa. To start let’s talk about what I would give to have created with the legends who have past! Biggie smalls! Tupac! Big pun!! Michael Jackson! Juicewrld! Vonn! Xxx! Nipsey!! I wish I could have the chance in life to just have a real conversation with those guys.

They all had their 3rd eye wide open and all shared wanting to do more for their people whether it starts with a neighbourhood but or enough heavy motion to make big changes in communities all over the world! And as this exact era modern day era where everything is about hurting each other getting one over on another instead of the love respect the loyalty we owe to our people , our community and to the people of the world has went to s### I want to be one of the fee to take a stand.

Like pac. And not just talk about things to the people and in music but really put action behind it and help these young kids , single troubled mothers, and people who has lost hope whether it be threw financially helping orr creating opportunities for people to prosper or wether its spiritual! Or shedding light on other artist who have great potential and just need a chance at a real life. As for collabing with artist in the industry current day music wise I really love and appreciate a lot of the artist in the games craft of all sorts. From bruno mars, rod wave our hometown hero to kodak tory lanez meek mill rick ross lil durk all the way to latto and tokyo jets remy ma young M.A.

I honestly love music all the way around the board and would love to collab with just about anyone who down to get in a room and create us some fire ass music from scratch from the bottom up, Plies, Gucci, TI, Boosie, Koly, Mariah carey, Kid laroi, Jack harlow, Wayne, Nicki, Drake! Man when I say everybody I mean everybody!! I don’t even feel right naming anybody cause I’m trying to get to work and create timeless music! Don Q, Aboogie, Dave East, Fivio, Ji! Everyone man. Whoever hungry humble and want to perfect us some nice music! I’m open! Even the locals if its good talent good work ethic good music good people good vibes im with all the s####. Straight up.

AllHipHop: Do you produce your own music?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: no! I wish I did! To be honest I have my own studio bigg bang studios and very much could teach myself, or go to school or learn from the great producers I have had the privilege to work with , but honestly I just don’t have the time. There’s not enough hours in my day to try and do it all. I would like to learn to say when I can make the time and play around a little bit but I’m happy with working with the greatest producers I’ve had the opportunity to work with! Shoutout chef school music which consist of cantrell music and my boy tommy mush matics as well as ashladash.

Ramseybeats, Drellonthetrack, Fantombeats and way moreee! I’m open to all producers. Whoever really wants to work and whoever got that fire ready for me to bust on it. I just love good music good people and hungry work ethic. So s### if you want to work make sure yall hit my line or dms and let’s cookup!!

AllHipHop: What was the trigger point that made you decide to get into music?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: to be completely honesty it was a variety of things. Starting with the pain my life has brung me. The unbelievable b####### I have witness and went there. From losing your closest loved ones and them being taken too soon away from you. The heartache the anger the depression. All of that s### engraved deep in your soul. R.I.P. My brother b and grandma. T###. The homies. Everyone I have lost.
I love yall.

May God bless. F### the glitz and the glamour everybody see as we speak they see you got money and think oh you good and you happy and everything perfect in your life. Hell noooo! Its beyond money. When you broke money is everything, when you got money you will learn money aint s###.

It holds no value versus the time you lose working rather than spending it with your loved ones, your kids, your grandmas who only here so long. Every minute you soend chasing money or working as a slave or doing b####### is another minute loss out of your life to have the time to spend it with the people who really count. We don’t think about getting rich by any means. But they don’t tell you all the hurt, the hell and the list full of problems that come with the s### depending on what you are doing you know what I mean. When you die the money stay here.

It stays behind and your kids and your family fight with each other thinking about who gets what and taking s### splitting s### not even worried that damn mf you just died…. That s### like yeah you dead they gone shed tears at the casket scream rip everyday after but in time they forget bout you it’s over with, game over . The money there tho they will be ok. But life is worth more than money. 2ndly- it comes to a point where you are a teenager and you think you got it all figured out.

Or you don’t have any idea what you want in life like you think you do but you are not sure, or you may be lost or set on something you swear you know is your calling but it’s not. Life gives you twists and turns and points you to a new direction and that’s what happened with me. I swore I was going to be rich by doing something and it just brought me a lot of b####### but as a youngin I was convinced.

Nobody could tell me s### I knew what I was going to do! And then life happened. Hahahaa I thought I was going to be one of the biggest NFL players in the world or MLB cause ima beast at both. I played baseball all my life and it became to easy for me. I’m what they would call a natural. So I went into something harder and see how I liked it which was football. And I fell in love with it! Had scholarships to get through college. I’m a very smart individual academically street wise and all the way around the board.

But I had f##### up life grew up very poor in a hectic household and I made grown man decisions as a young child that put that s### on the back burner. Got kicked outta school for fighting lost my scholarships all type a dumb s###. But hey they say it is what it is I say it is what you make of it! Hahaha life mannn. F###### life! Well with all that being said to answer the question correctly is I feel that in this present day life lined up the stars for me to have a studio . A production team.

A lot of great talent blessed people around me. A whole roster of talented hungry artist and I want to show them that this s### is possible and this s### is real, and really happening. People don’t believe in words where I’m from , too many dreams sold in life and always disappointment at the end. But with me, if I set a goal for myself by anymeanssss I will accomplish it! And for a fact the world will know our names at the end of it all and what me and my people stand for. We are here not only to make music but with the funds it has brought and will continue to bring.

I’ll be almost every part of it back to the same people who are hurting and hopeless at a time just like I was . Just like you once were. Just like everyone goes through their s###. I’m trying to put my cape on and make a change in the world. Try to create something that will last forever to the people and the way they move the way they think and how we help each other more than hurt each other. For nothing. Cause like I said before money is nothing compared to life.

Everyone wanna be rich or wealthy and good. But just got to create hope for the people and opportunity for them to have a way out before they make other decisions that will cost them their lives in the end…. Over money and b#######. I’m just saying. Can’t save the whole world with one person, but as a collective of major people, major names and people whose voices hold weight. And enough funding we can def make a change. Look at akon. Blessed africa with power. Look what that man did. And whoever was in his circle who helped. God bless them. That’s what we are all supposed to be doing.

Yall want less killing less robbing less crazy shooting and crazy s###, if you aint got enough to feed the wolves you just have to teach the wolves how to get their food in the right way and make it worth it! Not no m######### in g $10 hour job. Wtf. We need more money to live as independent. If not you forcing people to stay with partners who they dont even wanna be with and in f##### up situations because its impossibke to survive with no oppertunity for better!!!

AllHipHop: What is your creative process like?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Well it’s different at times. It depends on circumstances. For the most part I go through these spurts. Everyday I’m freestyling in my head and what I like to remember I write it down and s###. At times I write songs in bunches like I might write a whole 10 songs within this week and record them next week and just enjoy laying them down listening to them over and over and over and being my biggest critic and proofreading over them to see if I could do better.

Take out or add things or if I am convinced its good decent or not good enough. And put it in the dungeon or the archives for another day. But when I usually do my absolute most heartfelt songs or what I feel is my best music and poetry is when I’m going through s###. When life takes a couple punches at me I roll with the punches get threw the storm and express myself on paper.

Sometimes if it goes too deep and I keep it to myself and just hear it in the car when im sliding or im solo in my own world. And then you got times where life is good! And you actually feel good about the way things are going and I might just talk my s### about how I’m feeling whether its accomplishments. Money. Boss talk. How I came from the dirt. Or a turnt up song poppin bottles spending cheese trap s###. Or maybe a woman tried me on some hoe s###. I don’t know. It really all depends. On circumstance on situation.

The vibe. All that but whatever it is it going to be good. And from my heart at that very time word for word. Sometimes I write to a beat that funk hard asf or just make you snap everytime you hear it. Or sometime it I be in the dark , in my thoughts, no beat no nothing. Just thoughts and then adjust the fitting of the words to an instrumental or just write it as a poem. Ain’t no telling mann. It can go whichever way to be real.

AllHipHop: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: I love youuuu!!!!! I absolutely love every last 1 of you for showing love & support since day1! Weeee made all the non-believers believe!! Weee made this s### happen as a collective. As a group. As a team! I could never thank you enough. Ain’t enough words in the world to express my gratitude! Thank yall for real. Y’all the real mvps! Lowkey foreal!! I salute 💪🏽

AllHipHop: Why are you a musician?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: because I love music. All types of music every aspect of music from live instruments , bands, jazz, orchestras, chores, gospel, etc. To learning about sound, frequencies, and the science behind it. To make it. Being a creator of it. Just knowing when I leave this earth I will always have something for the world to learn , feel, and see. I will leave behind my legacy. My voice. My journey.

My destiny all at your ears. My kids can go back and see their daddy. My dans can hear my struggles and also see how I overcame them. My supporters. People who can relate on other side of the world even my haters can see it all threw my eyes. Threw music.

AllHipHop: Where are you currently?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: what you mean where am I currently? Right here in front of you at the moment. Hahaha or maybe I’m in miami on the yacht , or maybe I’m in ny eating some good food vibing in the projects with the fam. Maybe in hollywood making a movie. I mean I could be anywhere and everywhere hahahaha nahhhh no funny s### tho all jokes aside if you mean music wise… I’m just getting started!!
I got a studio. A production company shooting videos and making them movies. Got promoters.

Digital marketing team social media managers working. Got a podcast coming with partners of mine. Got investments in other avenues. Working on real estate and a couple other companies. I got a lot stirring in the pot. Got a great team and we allllll got a lot of things in common… we always working! And we all want to win! So where am I… anywhere but here. & busy hahahhahahahhhaa

AllHipHop: How did you get to where you are today?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Jeeeez. A whole lot of hustle. Sacrifice. Determination. Ambition. Drive. Refusing to give up. Live by and die by the motto never give up. Dont quit. Taking chances that a lot I paid for and took ls on and still getting back up and going at it again from another angle. To be honest to define me is to say I am a raging bull. And I just keep going and going, until im dead.

I never stop chasing my dreams. Never stop fighting. In one of my songs coming out soon money making mitch I say “all I ever knew was n#### gooo get ittt, momma taught me how to never be a quiter” and thats facts!!

AllHipHop: What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Honestly, I want them to see where I am at in my life. I want them to see everything I got going and everything I work hard for and to see everything that’s bound to come god willingly, but the most important part of what I am doing is that my ultimate goal is for them to see where I came from! What I had to go threw. What I had to sacrifice. Every lost I took along the way. Every bit of hurt , pain , betrayal, every close call I had with death. Jail. B#######.

All the struggle and b####### I go threw even now to this day. And to take my testimony and see with their own 2 eyes. And understand a lot of this s### aint worth it! And I ain’t talking about music and rap. I aint talking about if you want to rap dont rap or be cautious. Yeah rapping is a danger in itself to be real with you you just gotta always be on point ps and qs. Kodak said I learned my ps and qs before I learned my abcs and I felt that. I’m talking about this real life s###!

Hustling, going to jail, shootouts, robbing. etc. Dawg it’s a crazy world out here I just wanna see the younger generation make a change man and do better! Where I come from its like there no such thing as unity. It’s a bunch of hyenas trying to tear eachother apart trying to get over and be king. It all if you not wus f### the otherside but in all honesty real kings and queens eat together! Real men and woman put people in position to win and help each other out.

If I’m up and you down I try and help you get back right and then some, and god bless god forbid when I’m down and out I should be able to have you there for me like I was there for you, and when we all doing good at same time ain’t no stopping what we can do together. We can go anywhere do anything and create business and opportunities for more people family friends and then some.

But s### crazy and jealousy the trait of a b#### and a b#### n##### and it just sad to say alot more b#### ass m############ in the world then real ones. But I’m trying to put an end to the b####### and fuckery. Sacrificed my own life and I will make it to show people there’s a better way of thinking, and how much more we can do working with each other then against each other. It’s just what I’m destined to do. Lead by example and show them the game. Free game.

To create a better way of living a new lifestyle for more than just a lottery winner but for everyone to build a great mindset alike and build rather than tear each other down. That’s what I want the world to understand about me and my music. Foreal. Real s###!!

AllHipHop: Who is your favorite producer?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: honestly… I don’t have one. There are wayyyy too many talented producers , artist, vocalist, actors, etc to choose my favorite in anything!! Hahha that like saying you like money or food better!! Say whaaat hahahahahaha both! I need both! Or you like spanish food or soul food or asian food or bbq better! Bruh you know how many choices of different types of producers there are and how many different styles and a lot of good s### out here!!

Lol man that is too hard to choose! I’m indecisive! It depends what mood I’m in and what vibe I’m on at the time you know! Like you wake up today and you say what you want for dinner steak or chicken hahahaa man regardless ima eat! Today ill f### woth this and tomorrow illl be on something else. So yeah to answer your question, this s### too hard, too many great producers, too much great talent! What’s your favorite movie…. Hhahahhahahah exactly!!

AllHipHop: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: to be real, I ain’t too heavy in the industry b####### like that too much to have a say yet. I really ain’t bothered by too much you know. The only thing I can say I wish it was like the old days… more about talent over the business. Like more about how someone sounds or can wow you over oh how many followers do they have, how many tickets they could possibly sell or merch.

Like yes I get labels want something already poppin to make it easier on they end less marketing promo and b####### they got to do probably less money they got to spend but I feel like if you found a broke woman who can sing her fuckjng ass off like mariah carey or cher or tina turner or some s### and she had 0 followers to start today and you just give her a little push with the people they may know, the talent and showcase will speak for itself and they will in time go farther and do greater than the person who got lil buzz going but not much raw authentic talent.

But they always say hustle beats talent and that may be true but if you got real talent pure talent and get in the world’s eyes… as they say good dope sells itself! S### that’s the only thing I would say on that. I know a lot of good undiscovered talent. And that why I’m here now knocking on the door telling you let me in, cause you think my s### tuff. Wait until you see the artist aka the tricks I got up my sleeve and what gold I hold in my back pocket you really going to love us!!

AllHipHop: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be? Why?
Chitty chitty bang bang: any artist…. Sheesh, that’s a tough one! Damn can I say all of them!! I like to be versatile and work with all of them on one occasion or more and see how we can rock the show out together! The artist from my city and we shut the whole city down and it all be love or it might be Wayne, Nicki, and Drake and take over the world and see how we work together with stage presence and in sequence and s### like that or it may be XXX, Juicewrld crowd jumping crazy , crazy energy with x or word for word with Juice and Biggie and Tupac, God bless all of their souls and may they rest in peace but the whole world go crazy when they touch the stage!!

S### Michael Jackson! Mann I’m a fan of a lot of good music artists and the way they perform. S### just about anyone man foreal. But I would like to perform with them. If you are talking about opening or some s### like 1st act before s### gets crazy nah man I can’t do it. I’m the main event!! Hahahaha s###! I’m right next to any of those folks if not co-main event tonight it’s their show and tomorrow it’s mine. We gon share the stage you feel me! Shitttttt hahahaha straight like that!

AllHipHop: What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Damn that s### goes deep dawg. Real deep. The hardest reality pill I hate to swallow is death. Hardest thing to go threw is to lose your loved ones. And to know that one day we all have to die, even if I don’t want to, I don’t wanna leave I don’t want to go.I have to. A lot of people say they are not scared of death because it’s inevitable.

And I get that, but it’s about what if after death you know. What if it ain’t no heaven or no hell. Do me a favor and just close your eyes and cover your ears, and picture it being completely black. And quiet… and that’s it forever!! Nothing else. No spiritual world no reincarnation no coming back. Whatever x amount of time then boom you’re gone. Nextttt! Yeah that s### f### my head up.

I hope it ain’t that hope there is a heaven and I can see my family and everyone up there when I do go hopefully no time soon. When you grip the reality you got to go that s### make it a little easier to swallow cause we are all gonna die, but it doesn’t make it easier knowing we dying at early ages and people raking each other off the map at early ages before kids and people even get to grow or ever have real chance at life. The hardest thing I ever had to go threw was losing family and friends.

They say that s### gets better with time, but that’s a lie. S### depressing. S### get harder and harder. Brothers killing brothers. Cuzzins are killing cuzzins. And the world kept spinning like you weren’t s###. They love ya today and forget you tomorrow. It’s a damn shame. Smfh.

Allhiphop: When did you start music?
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Freestyled with friends and f##### around in ciphers drinking and at parties 14 15 16 17 18 and so on and so on, but nothing serious just for fun. But when my bro got killed that s### just put me in a dark place and f### my head all the way up. So I just started writing and working out for a long time.

Yeah believe it or not I was a skinny n#### once or twice lol when you angry at the world or stressed out 2 things that help you channel your thoughts and energy is writing music , your feelings down in poetry. And that gym! So when you see me skinny just know a n#### going threw it. When you see me as a fatboy just know I’m comfortable eating good life good etc hahaha I be up and down with the times foreal.

Allhiphop: Do you have any new music coming out soon?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Hell yeahhhh!! To be real I got sooo much music stacked up I don’t know what to release first! I probably got like 50-60 songs ready to go but every time I listen to then I just wanna film a video and shoot a movie to them, I told you my s### real life foreal and when I write I visualize how the video going to be. It has to choreograph with what I’m saying you know. Reliving those moments again threw the music.

I don’t wanna just make a song, put it out and it gets washed up with the bunch. Nah my s### got messages in it my s### going to paint these pictures to you vividly. And I want you to get a little taste and feeling of where I’m coming from or what I go through or got going on. Foreal

AllHipHop: Who inspires you the most musically?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Myself, Looking at myself in the rearview. Reflecting on life. And what I go through on a daily trying to make s### shake and make a way for my family. Knowing where I’m dying and fighting to be. I would most definitely say myself! And the people who don’t believe that I will. Because deep down in my heart and soul I know I will! Be great!!

AllHipHop: What are your suggestions for the older generation of artists?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: s### honestly nothing! I am a little older then younger generation and I love old school music or music from all the generations before! If I could talk to them and convince them to, I would tell them get back into the labbb and put out some more of that fire real deal genuine music that people like me really love and appreciated yall for!

S### go to my playlist and see what I listen to when I’m in the gym, 50 cent “Get rich or die trying” or the shower, biggie “Gimme da loot” or in the car, “Grinding all day” playing rick ross “Push it to the limit!!”, man stop playing with me!! I love yallll mann.

Older generation what I grew up on foreal! Wipe me down like boosie swang my door like gucci but im young fly n#### like lucci and love a bad b#### like rucci!! Mann come onnn nowww! Stop playing with me hahahahahhahaha mann bars!!!

AllHipHop: What, other than music, inspires you most?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: success!! Dream chasing & accomplishments!! Goals period!! New ventures and new businesses, learning them inside and out and if enjoyable to oneself then learning how to conquer that goal and being great in everything you do. Whether its music , or cooking, or playing ball with the homies. Trying to be the best at everything you do.

And knowing where you are today, remembering where you were yesterday and how to be where you want to be tomorrow! Take action! And put it in motion! Take your chances take the shot and never live thinking “what if” what if I woulda did this or what if I could do that. Like Nike said just do it!!

I rather try and fail and know I couldn’t do something than to live life wondering if I could or couldn’t. Won’t know until you try it! So just shoot for the stars!! Also god and my family!! And if you didn’t mean that and you mean as in just something I would enjoy then I would say acting! Art! I wish I could draw or paint but I can’t lol all types of s###! Hahahah

AllHipHop: Who are your favorite artists of all time?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: again too many to say! Biggie smalls. Tupac. Big pun. The OGs to me! Michael Jackson! The temptations. Bob Marley! Daddy Yankee! Don omar in the spanish world if you talking about legends and like my mount rushmore of og artist! Lyrical asf. Jadakiss. Fabulous. Juelz Santana. Wayneeee!! But then you got another wave of my favorites when it comes to street s### trap s### Gucci mane! Boosie. T.I. Webbie. Plies.

Young dro!! That man snaps with metaphorical bars! S### the youngins aint have the pleasure to witness and live through foreal man! And can I say wayne again for metaphorical bars that go over your head that make you say wtf then you dissect how he said it and drop your jaw like wowww this man just snapped foreal!! Yall got to tap in and check out the original s### when all of them 1st dropped!

Going hard asfuck! Kevin Gates! Lil Durk! And if you talking singing wise I f### with Miguel, Bruno Mars, and Sam Smith. You talking modern day then I cant lie mannnn I f### with tory heavy! Rod Waveee Aboogie Mannnn, I f### with almost everyone!! I love me some Nicki, Cardi, Latto, Tokyo. I like some Ariana Grande, hhahahahhaha man, I like it all man foreal.

Rip to all the greats we lost! Juice world I love you bro x love you too bro pop! Dolpppphhhhhh!!!! Man that s### kills me. I wish I could have them all back. Don’t forget Kodak. Koly P, Man, I tell you I can’t name them all! Vonnnn! Man stop playing. I can’t do this bro! Foreal just take me out coreal! Clever! Da baby! Kid laroi! Lil mosey! Lil skies! Drake ! Jcoleeeeeeee! C’mon now you gonna make me name the whole world I can’t forget none of the goats brooo! Like foreal!

Mannn if you know I love you and I forgot your name please forgive me we only got so much time! I freaking love all yall! N#### Destinys Child! Usher! C’mon man. Ok . Ok. I’m done now hahahhahahaha mike jones! Whoooo mike jones!! Nelly! Jkwon! Ying yang twins! Outkast!! Man cut the camera cause I give up I cant do it I got sooo many artist I truely love their music and f### with on so many levels! I’m sure I’m forgetting 100 more ! I swear s### is tuff!! They all deserve their flowers forealllll!! Nipp!

AllHipHop: Where are you from?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: I was born in brooklyn, new york out of the bushwick area! Moms were bushwick pops soda was bedstuy do or die. Then we moved to Florida when I was young and I grew up in St. Petersburg florida where I had all my prime years and troubles and crazy s### going on foreal. But I have always been back and forth on my mom’s side in new york and my dads down here. But I love new york man. I got 2 homes foreal!! But also ain’t no place like Florida at the same time. So s### ima put on for both!!

AllHipHop: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: I would say it’s different! Different style. Unique. The only one of its kind. And genuine. Real-life s### from the heart. I know the way I spit my s### is different and I ain’t too much on that harmonic s### or sounding the same like everyone else but that’s what makes me! I’m in my own lane. I ride my own wave and you can’t ever say I sound like him or sound like this or that or I remind you of this. Nahhh mannn my s### different, foreal! And I hope the world can enjoy and appreciate me for who I am and what I bring to the table!

AllHipHop: If you were not a musician, what would you have been?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: honestly I would’ve loved to play football. Or baseball 2ndly but if none of those work then I would love to be in Hollywood and on tv watching myself do my things in movies! S### I could be anything in a movie. A funny m##########. A gangsta. A marvel superhero kicking ass taking names. Really I shoulda have been a. X men.

Lol yeah man, I f### with marvel x men all that crazy s###. But I like action s### or some stone-cold mob s### . Or like the new modern day scarface . S###, I do commercials too! Head & shoulders put me im there with troy polamalu that lowkey my long-lost twin lol he just a lil more fit. Haaha but we can do hair commercials. Hahhahahaha s### I’m up for whatever! Tell 50 I need a spot in power mannnn. Ill be the next billy badasss f###### some s### up. Lol foreal give me one season or 1 episode s### going to be lit regardless. I don’t even want the funds off it just put me on the screen. Or throw me in bmf . S### epic!!

AllHipHop: Is there anything else you would like your fans to know?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Yes!! I just want y’all to know I truly appreciate yall and love yall to death and every day after! Yall real deal keep me motivated. Keep me going harder. And being the real MVPs for riding with your boy from day 1. Yall help feed my soul to keep pushing! Threw the rain , threw the shine. Yall help a n#### stand tall like my spine. It’s all the way up with us mann this is only the beginning! We stuck like 2 butt cheeks baby.

We are on the grind. I got a lot of music coming out and a lot of b videos for y’all. And I just wanna say thank you & stay tuned!! Strapp your seatbelts inn and enjoy the ride!! Bigg bang gang you know what it isss man! Sincerely your, chitty bang!!