Is Strategy KI the Next Rapper to Break the UK?

Strategy KI made his initial appearance on Link Up TV in 2021 alongside Arno, an ESC member.

British singer-songwriter Strategy KI is best known for his popular song ‘Slowly Drifting’. He has achieved significant success on Spotify, where he has amassed a committed and steady fan base in more than 72 nations.

As his name suggests, Strategy KI is the person with the plan to introduce the UK rap culture to the rest of the world. Recently, he has been successful in doing so, even catching the attention of devoted hip-hop heavy hitters like T-Pain, 50 Cent and others. 

His music is a combination of various musical styles, including dancehall, contemporary trap, and the well-known sound of UK grime. It is reasonable to assume that Strategy KI is an artist who has everyone’s attention after returning to his roots and composing music that fuses musical genres.

After the success of his summer EP release ‘Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Tooth’, Strategy KI and the ESC team are now preparing for the launch of his new single ‘Tell Me’ which is scheduled for release on the 9th Sep 2022. 

This time, he approached it in a very different way from how we are used to seeing him, which is only one example of his dynamism and variety. With the remixed version of ‘With the Weather‘, he adds distinctive UK grime to the melody that is imbued with UK garage. This upbeat song will unquestionably make your summer in the most alluring ways.

Here at we had the chance to get an exclusive interview with Strategy KI in this Q&A. Please read below.

How did your name come about?

“Well, you need a strategy to survive in this game called life. I had to find mine early and implement it into my everyday life. As for the KI, I guess I was born with a Killer Instinct, we all were, it’s the fight or flight that keeps us alive”.

Who is your biggest inspiration for music?

“Boy, that’s a hard question as I get inspired from so many but if I was to break it down to one it would have to be 2 Pac. He was the first rapper I listen to, some of my earliest memories in life out of me and my older cousin listening to old-school 2 Pac cassette tapes. From then it’s been a wrap”.  

How long have you been writing music?

“I started writing music when I was 16 years old. Before then I use to produce beats so I had an understanding of music and bar count, but it got to the point where I needed a rapper to jump on the riddim’s. I didn’t know any, so I did it myself”. 

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?

“I’d say my greatest strength as an artist is the capability to wear all hats if necessary. I don’t rely on no-one, I get it done myself from the writing, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic designs, music videos, distribution, the lot!”. 

The question that everyone is eager to know is, who is the man behind the music?

“I am Reuben ‘Strategy KI’ Kennedy. I am a Son, a Brother, a lover and sometime’s a fighter. I am just like you, but maybe a lil-weirder from time-to-time. I am misunderstood”.

How can people find your music?

“Boy you can find me on Instagram and TikTok @strategykiofficial on both. As for my music, you can find me on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, the lot, just search Strategy KI”.

Strategy KI was born Reuben Leighton Kennedy, in Southend-on-sea (Essex), on 5th November 1992. He was raised by his single mother and has never met his father due to him serving a life sentence for murder.

For a more in-depth view on who the emerging artist ‘Strategy KI’ is, please Click Here to watch a short documentary ‘Who Is Strategy KI (The Documentary Before The Documentary)’. 

In 2016, Strategy KI made a reputation for himself in the business by over-saturating the internet with music. He consistently recorded and released new music because of his love for and understanding of music, which helped him develop a devoted following.

Strategy KI and the ESC team performed as the headlining act at the O2 academy in Islington back in April 2019. (London). This was the last time KI took to the stage but is eager to headline again in the near future.

He improved his poetic skills during the 2020 Lockdown (caused by COVID-19). He began to have an impact on the UK Drill music scene after shifting away from the “wave auto-tune” music he had previously been pushing since 2017.

With his song Get This, he secured a synchronization deal for the Netflix original movie The Beast (La Belva 2020). However, he told us that he is still yet to receive proper payment from the company and may be seeking legal advice if the dispute is not settled. 

He made his initial appearance on Link Up TV in 2021 alongside Arno, an ESC member. Shine was the name of the music video. This video was taken down and is no longer accessible due to an ongoing police investigation.

He also released the videos for Ghost (Link Up TV), ESC (Link Up TV), Ops Go (GRM Daily), Organic (P110), and H.M.B the same year (VEVO). That year, it was a strong sign that no matter what, this amazing musician is here to stay!

He collaborated with the top-charting rapper and singer T-Pain to release That’s Just Tips this year. Simple Life (another ESC member) is featured in this song. 

In terms of harmonic melodies, it is the ideal mix. Jumble Beats, a producer from the Netherlands, created ‘That’s Just Tips’ with elements taken from R&B, UK Drill, and Trap.

Strategy KI has recently invested in a new business opportunity by partnering up with IVXX Media and creating their own movie-production company ‘A Film By Immortal’. Who knows what know business adventures this young entrepreneur/musician will indulge in next?

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