Mullet Dragon Releases Powerful & Emotion-Packed Alternative Rock/Rap Single “Get Higher”

With a powerful aura, Mullet Dragon strives to express himself in music as his musical prowess keeps expanding.

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A bold and prolific take on hip-hop music, Mullet Dragon’s newest single is a striking blend of songwriting, rhythm, and uplifting vibes. “Get Higher” is the newest release by the never-disappointing Mullet Dragon. Passionate about earnestly creating his own musical lane, the Nashville native continues to surprise audiences with his adaptive skills and storytelling technique, while also excelling in whichever spotlight he desires.

“Get Higher” contains lyricism that will have listeners hooked, and reminiscing about past situations in life. From the press of play, listeners will be taken away by a euphoric guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The production and delivery recall a nostalgic rock style while infusing a modern hip-hop sound. The rising artist is known for his carefully crafted, poignantly composed, and mesmerizing musical compositions that have laid the foundation for his brand and what is to come.

Through this release, Mullet Dragon is establishing himself as a force in the scene. He has been working with renowned rap artist Jelly Rolls’s producer and his studio for this release and his upcoming music. “Get Higher” spares no expense when it comes to delivering quality. Pushing the boundaries of his talents, Mullet Dragon is also adding new layers to what rock and hip-hop music can be. For now, make sure to add “Get Higher” to your playlists.

About Mullet Dragon Mullet

Dragon brings a refreshing new energy to the music community. Originating from Nashville, Mullet Dragon exemplifies an artist that is passionate and talented and who puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his art. A singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur, Mullet Dragon is a natural talent that is ready to cement himself in the scene and in people’s hearts.

With a powerful aura, Mullet Dragon strives to express himself in music as his musical prowess keeps expanding. Inspired by Kanye West and Kodak Black, and Lil Peep, Mullet Dragon seeks to positively influence and uplift people facing life’s hardships. Having produced music for some of the top artists in the industry, the rising star is no stranger to the spotlight.

Mullet Dragon co-wrote, sang, and co-produced two albums for TobyMac that resulted in two Grammy awards (Eye On It and This Is Not A Test). A real breath of fresh air in the scene, Mullet Dragon is here to leave a legacy.

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