Nipsey Hussle To Charge $1000 For New Album

Nipsey Takes His Hustle To New Heights

West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle plans to take his hustle to the next level by charging $1000 for fans to purchase his new album, Mailbox Money.

Before fans could balk at the cost, the rapper explained his case to MTV News.

“There will only be 100 hard copies and they are $1000 each,” he told MTV News, adding that it will also be released for free via iTunes and the Proud 2 Pay platform built for the Crenshaw release. “The 100 people that buy the P2P version will be granted access to a private advance listening session of [upcoming 2015 album] Victory Lap at the secret Marathon Store we are going to open the day of the listening.”

He further explained that the effort would also musically differentiate himself from other artists of the day.

“It’s all original music. Being honest, these ain’t mixtapes, they’re albums,” he explained. “These original songs, concepts, the biggest producers, the biggest rappers in the game are a part of [it] and bringing creativity to [it]. I don’t want to devalue it by calling it a mixtape. It’s really just music — more conversations for my people.”

Last year, Nipsey created a fervor after selling his Crewshaw album at $100 a pop.