Swaggertown Records Is Offering Single Deals

Swaggertown Records breaks down an artist’s body of work and devises a comprehensive game plan for the proper releases

In the heart of New York, Swaggertown Records, an independent (“indie”) record label, has been making waves in the music industry since its establishment in 2015. Led by the visionary Jake Strain and his dedicated associates, this record label is not just a music label; it’s a platform for artists to thrive, find their voice, and achieve unparalleled success through resources and one one-on-one partnerships.

Swaggertown Records has embarked on a remarkable journey, by building a loyal team of new artists and producers. The scouts are on a mission to discover the next big artists and guide them on their path to stardom. It’s not just about signing contracts; it’s about nurturing raw talent and helping artists reach their full potential.

One of the distinguishing features of Swaggertown Records is its commitment to fair and artist-friendly deals. Unlike some labels that exploit artists, Swaggertown Records offers a generous 50% profit-share agreement, commonly known as a 50-50 deal. Their ethos is clear: artists are not commodities to be used as tax write-offs and then left on the shelf. At Swaggertown Records, every artist is given the opportunity to shine, and their success is a foundation to the label’s integrity.

In an era where the music industry is rapidly evolving into the digital age, Swaggertown Records has proven they can adapt the new trends, new sounds and a unique strategy that leverages the power of streaming services, making radio play and television appearances seem like relics of the past. With the right resources and connections, Swaggertown Records has mastered the art of launching artists into the digital limelight.

Central to their strategy is the meticulous curation of an artist’s catalog. Swaggertown Records breaks down an artist’s body of work and devises a comprehensive game plan for the proper release of their music. But it doesn’t stop there; each artist is assigned a dedicated manager and publicist, working one-on-one to ensure they receive the attention and media coverage they deserve. This personalized approach catapults artists into the spotlight, connecting them with major platforms and outlets to gain the exposure needed for a thriving career.


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