Who Is Danish Devise?

Danish Devise is a rising rapstress who has been making waves online.

Danish Devise has been buzzing online and I had to find out for myself, Who Is Danish Devise? I did some digging, so you wouldn’t have to. Here are 5 interesting facts about the Rising Rapstress.

  1. Danish has a Master’s degree. In an interview, she once stated, “If I’m going to be in a profession where everyone is getting screwed, I might as well be on top.”
  2. Danish donates the amount of money she gets from her song streams to charity. She said, “My songwriting skills are a gift from God. Divine gifts keep giving.”
  3. Danish’ zodiac sign is Cancer. Although she expresses not being deep into the zodiac she did state “When we Cancers want something, we go after it.”
  4. Danish buried her passion for writing and pursued it after a near-death experience. She previously expressed, “I don’t want to be a 65-year-old retiree, sitting at a bar, on my fourth glass of whiskey, wondering what life would have been like if I pursued my passion. I gotta give this everything I’ve got.”
  5. Danish Devise new track “Serve ‘em Up” is on fire🔥

Listen below…