2kdrae – "Back In The Day"


2kdrae an upcoming artist from Gary, Indiana is keeping original hip hop alive with his new single “Back In The Day”. The song has an original hip hop sound and melody. 2kdrae sound is a reflection of his more contemporary influences such as Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Redman and other hip hop greats. “Back in the day before I got paid…..They didn’t think that I would be sh*t….. But now we getting money…. All these b**ches say they love me….. ni**as know now that we it.” 2Kdrae continues to create an undeniable sound that hipsters and conservative hip hop heads are finding to be a breath of fresh air.

The single “Back In The Day” is going to definitely take listeners back down memory lane if they can relate to what the artist is rapping about “progression”. 2kdrae is definitely an artist that is on the rise and listeners should be watching for. The artist has performed with major artist such as Dom Kennedy, Rick Ross, Que, Ying Yang Twins, Skeme, Rich Boi, Yoson Tala, Al Koleon, Mike Jones, and Jarren Benton so he is definitely no stranger to the music scene.