AD22 Delivers The Hypnotic Track “Night Shift”


AD22 steps up and out representing Toronto, but he is offering deep, emotive lyrics like his influences Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle and Drake.

Ahmed Ismail is a multi-faceted artist based out of Toronto, Canada, whose voice is one you’ll want to keep on your radar. Under the artist name of AD22, he has fully immersed in providing mellow yet euphoric ambiances within each track, resulting in captivating sounds that flow together effortlessly. AD22 is coming out strong this year with many upcoming projects, beginning with a brand new single, “Night Shift.”

Like many AD22 songs, “Night Shift” is a relaxing song standing on slowed down and minimalistic synth melodies that accompany the soothing vocal performance of AD22. The track explores AD22’s journey by documenting his daily life as an upcoming artist, creatively reflecting the belief that he must take control of his life by finding balance within. He voices the many distractions and tribulations that come with this newfound career, creating a resonating message with his fans, including relevant lyrics and an unforgettable listen.

“Night Shift is a combination of different stages throughout my life, reflecting on times where I would work long hours throughout the night, making records, and making money,” expressed AD22. “Through the mellow, calm sound that encompasses me as an artist, I created a record that people who always strive to achieve more can relate to. In simple terms, Night Shift is inspired by the grind.”

AD22 uses music as a way to heal from hardships and adversities in his past, shifting those experiences into a successful music career. Blending influences from Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle, Drake, and Santan Dave, AD22 is a forward-thinking artist who transcends genres as he creates his own lane in the music scene. “Night Shift” is undoubtedly the start of what’s going to be an exciting year for AD22 and fans alike. As he prepares for another single dropping soon and the release of his debut project in late May, he shares a message he wants fans to take away from his music:

“I hope my fans take away that no matter how difficult circumstances might seem, there’s always joy out there to be seized when they allow the moment to arrive. My music channels my inner thoughts, and although that varies from one song to another, one common theme that’s shared is independence, hope, and love.”