AHH Premiere: Tray Chaney – "Open & Honest" EP


Fans of HBO’s The Wire will get a special gift tomorrow (December 26) when the cable network re-releases the masterful television program in high-definition. The HD version of all 60 episodes will run as a marathon on the HBO Signature channel and via the HBO Go website/app. One of the show’s stars is celebrating the milestone by releasing his fourth musical project.

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Tray Chaney played the role of Malik “Poot” Carr for five seasons on The Wire. Since his turn as the drug dealer-gone-straight citizen concluded, Chaney has jumped into making music full-time. Chaney previously released the well received tracks “Dedicated Father” and  “Time,” but with his new Open & Honest EP the DMV representative is pushing the boundaries of his artistic vision to new heights.

Open & Honest represents an open and honest invitation from me to the fans. It’s a true look inside some of my most personal, upfront, and close situations I deal with on a day-to-day basis,” says Tray. “It’s more edgy from what the fans are used to hearing from me – more relatable issues.”

The same way David Simon’s serial drama portrayed an authentic look at the inner workings of a modern American city, Chaney puts his internal conversations on public display with Open & Honest. From facing financial hardships after The Wire ending (“Welcome To My Life”) to overcoming the dirty side of the entertainment industry (“CoSign”), the actor/rapper does not hold back the truth on the lyrical biography.

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Stream Tray Chaney’s Open & Honest EP via AllHipHop.com below.