Armani White Unleashes “Grateful” After NBA Awards Him With An “Earned” Jersey

Armani White

Check out the new video from West Philly rapper, Armani White!


“I lost too many people once I changed myself,” Armani White croons over church organs as he reflects on personal challenges in “Grateful.”

On the new single, the West Philly rapper takes time out to celebrate his accomplishments while chronicling all that he lost in light of those wins. This song arrives on the heels of his previous single titled “Danny Mac,” which was premiered on AllHipHop in December of last year.

The streaming numbers skyrocketed after a clip of Armani jumping out of a moving Tesla hit social media a few weeks ago.

Armani speaks on “Grateful,” “My entire life has felt like a series of blessings and curses no one could’ve prepared for. I spent so much time blaming myself for things that went wrong, I forgot to blame myself for all the things that went right. There were so many blessings sent as reminders that I’m on the right path, I can only be grateful I’m still here and able to receive all of it.”

“Grateful” features a soulful choir and soothing background vocals, perfect for the vulnerability present in the song. Armani touches on a fatal house fire from his childhood where he lost four family members and how it’s molded him through the years.

The record focuses on things that’s kept him grounded throughout the years, stressing the importance of his music expressing those same roots.

The new release also arrives in conjunction with the NBA gifting Armani White his very own “Earned Jersey.”