Artist, Lil Crush Collabs With Richie Souf and Roark Bailey on Hottest Single Out – “Lava Girl”

Speaking about his newest single, “Lava Girl,” Lil Crush notes creating and composing this song was a challenge, and he enjoyed it every step of the way.

The music industry is brutally competitive. As a result, new talents are constantly making their way into the ever-growing industry, making it hard for new and existing artists to solidify their spot. However, Colombian-American artist, Lil Crush, has established his spot, and he has made his music a household favorite. Despite being new to the industry, many have termed his music the next big thing.

In a recent interview on One37pm, Mike Boyd praised the young rapper’s exceptional talent terming his music as the future. “I do think Crush is going to blow up soon, so jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late,” said Mike Boyd. This was after the release of his famous track “Suni Lee.” Continuing to outdo the audience’s expectations, the young rapper just released another track, “Lava Girl.”

Speaking about his newest single, “Lava Girl,” Lil Crush notes creating and composing this song was a challenge, and he enjoyed it every step of the way. Lil Crush was connected with FREEBANDZ producer Richie Souf, who sent him a couple of beats, and Crush quickly found one that was a perfect fit for his sound. He picked a beat with 150 BPM, in B flat Major and paired it with his signature Antares Autotune Pro. There was no better match.

“Lava Girl” collaborates between Lil Crush, FREEBANDZ producer Richie Souf and top producer Roark Bailey. The two producers are widely known and have worked with notable musicians, including Future, Kanye West, Post Malone, Young Thug, and French Montana.

According to the 20-year-old Colombian American artist, music is a form of expression, a method unique to you, and is relatable to your fan base. While his music could be defined as rap, Lil Crush doesn’t confine his artistry to only one genre. “Each song has a different story,” says Lil Crush, “and as an artist, my duty is to create music that will tell the story best.” Creating and composing “Lava Girl,” Lil Crush wanted to create a song that is not only easy to vibe along to but is also relatable and inspiring.

His strong lyrical flow, great sound, and impeccable vibes are some of the things that make his music stand out from the crowd. Going by the previous singles, “Lava Girl” is set to be bigger and better and has already surpassed 15,000 streams in less than a week. The long-awaited song was released on September 30th and is available on all streaming platforms.

In addition to “Lava Girl,” Lil Crush is also working on the music video for the song “Suni Lee,” which, as stated by him, will be released soon.

Mike Boyd was quoted as saying, “You keep proving you are dope, man. That’s why we like you so much because we gave you a chance, and you over-delivered. We appreciate you. Gary V appreciates you.” After Mike Boyd connected Lil Crush to producer Richie Souf who later with producer Roark Bailey sent Crush beats, Lil Crush didn’t disappoint. If anything, he surpassed expectations; his song “Lava Girl” will, without a doubt, become a chart-topping single.