ATC Dmoney- “Made Me Mad” Video

ATC Dmoney is ready for the next level!

In 2021 you may have heard a lot of pain music, club music, and trap music, but what’s been rare is straight authentic, truth music; the type of music that really explains real life in environments you can relate to. As we close out the year, we are starting to see music like this surface again by an artist cut from a different cloth.

ATC Dmoney is a rare artist that brings you the type of music that we have been missing for a long time. “Made Me Mad” is a record produced by Tillagoinin that chronicles staying focused on his goals, his money and making sure nothing stops the money flow regardless of the situations in front of him. Lyrically he delivers bar for bar separating himself from fake people and anyone that’s not on his mental level.

ATC drops jewels to make sure people don’t get caught up in situations that make them lose focus. The streets are real, and things can get crazy, but he explains that one should never get distracted.

Check out the Rated GP-directed visual for “Made Me Mad” below!