Awful Records Presents Micah Freeman’s New EP “The Red”


Awful Records‘ Baltimore-born, Atlanta-based singer, emcee, and producer, Micah Freeman presents The Red EP.

After Freeman’s release of the title track, The Red and it’s accompanying video, which features Awful’s founder, Fatherthe DIY indie label trolled the internet on 4/20 and released a compilation albums’ worth of music from nearly every artist on the roster. At the top of the playlist is Freeman’s joint, Movement, which features Awful’s resident songstress, ABRA.

“The origin of the phrase, “paint the town red” is a little elusive, but it’s usually used to describe going out in the city, getting intoxicated, and engaging in various debaucherous activities. My label mates have coined it, ‘the f### s###’. I wrote The Red Extended Play to make sense of a wild and turbulent time in my life. I wanted to discuss dysfunctional relationships, battles with myself, partying, and always being late to those parties… Oh, and talk a little s###, of course.”