Big Rome Releases New Single “Run Up The Numbers” Live on Block Work TV

Big Rome Releases New Single “Run Up The Numbers” Live on Block Work TV

Big Rome is doing his thing and he’s got a new song to kick off the new year.

The Architect, Music Executive & Producer And Big Rome have done it again. This time they added a twist to their execution. As a matter of fact they added several twists to their final single released record off of the much anticipated MIXTAPE By Big Rome, BIG ROME IN THE SPOT DON’T MAKE IT HOT. 

Their final single released record, which is their 4th released record since they started working together. Run Up The Numbers, produced by Mave Beat & Dj Scripz is featured on Block Work TV and set to be released on New Year’s Day. I’m so excited for Dj Scripz And Big Rome. I can definitely see their growth in this extremely cold and tough business. 

Big Rome is really doing his thing. He has been featured on Power 105.1FM On The Sit Down With Em Ez, featured on This Is 50 With Dj Thoro, his first record got played on the radio several times and racked up over 46K spins on spotify in less than 3 months, and his music has been featured on Da Radar Mixed Radios Show with Dj Will. 

Now, on New Year’s day, the world is going to hear Big Rome’s 4th released single on a whole new trending, well known, and established platforms. I’m so excited for The Both of Them, DJ Scripz and BIG ROME. I wish them both nothing but the best. They deserve every little bit of their blessings.