Biggie Babylon- “All In” Video

“All In” depicts a journey towards glory!

San Diego-based Hip-Hop artist Biggie Babylon has just dropped a latest masterpiece titled “All In.”

Impacted by the pandemic like thousands of other artists, his music career came to a halt right when he was hitting his groove and gaining a solid momentum.

After considering giving-up, he convinced himself to get back into the studio to record a new project, and go “All In,” with platinum producer Thom Genius.

The song is already a #2 record globally on DRT, and was dropped with visuals shot in an underground casino where Biggie Babylon fights for his life, risks it all, and wins after an epic gambling night.

A symbol of life, its highs and lows, successes and failures, “All In” depicts the journey towards glory, at the cost of blood, sweat, and tears. One has to be ready to lose everything in order to get to the top, and Biggie Babylon’s life represents just that.

This powerhouse Hip-Hop track will solidify Biggie Babylon’s presence in the game, as this creative genius merges pop influences with modern Hip-Hop, for what can undoubtedly be considered one of his  most accomplished projects to date, released on his way to the big reveal, his next album ‘Coronado California,’ produced by Thom Genius, Mev The Renegade and Dabato.

The Chaldean rapper, a direct descendant of the ancient Babylonian people, ambitions to become the first international wordsmith to represent his community, the drive to his start years ago.

“ I realized that I would personally be the one to take our people to the promised land and Biggie Babylon the recording artist was born! I was ready to break the stereotypes that my community had that said we would never accomplish more than just owning stores,“ unveils Biggie.

He’s come a long way since the first rap he ever wrote, as a pros and cons list that he co-wrote with his cousin about his girlfriend who had just broken up with him. He followed-through by writing more about his personal experiences as an entrepreneur and cannabis pioneer.

His first album, ‘C.E.O.G.’ can be considered trap music. His second album, ‘#HipHopNdance,’ produced by Josh Franks, featured Hip-Hop elements combined with a new style of EDM while his third album, ‘The Greenprint,’ saw him come back to trap.

The upcoming and fourth album, ‘Coronado California,’ will continue pushing forward this infectious mix of pop and Hip-Hop audible in ”All In.”