Bizarre Writes “F#ck Arbys” Responding To Pusha T And Defending McDonalds!

Bizarre of D-12

Bizarre of D-12 fame is not wasting any time replying to Pusha T and Arbys diss of McDonalds

Bizarre is beyond hilarious. The D-12 member continues to be one of the best trolls ever. And now, he targets Arby’s and Pusha-T. “F#ck Arbys” is an anthem for those that wish to take sides in the war of the burger joints. Arby’s is known primarily as the place that serves up roast beef sandwiches, but they have undergone a whole rebrand. Part of that is jumping into the social media fray. Pusha-T recorded a diss song aimed at McDonalds after crafting their updated classic jingle. It did not take long, but Bizarre jumps in with an unsolicited reply. He defends Arby’s but warns Mickey D’s too.

Check it out!