Blind Baltimore Rapper Jaleel Knight Drops Single “Ain’t No Love”

Baltimore native and blind prodigy Jaleel Knight could be Hip-Hop’s Stevie Wonder

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When a new artist emerges onto the scene, most of the time that artist is overlooked because there are so many rappers and singers coming out from everywhere that it’s hard to keep up. 

But when you’re a producer, arranger, songwriter, singer and a rapper who plays multiple instruments, people start to pay attention. 

And on top of all that, you’re 100% blind, grew up in the rough streets of Baltimore and you got a major co-sign from one of the top echelon managers in the last 20 years, people do more than pay attention, they pay respect and they anticipate your arrival like you’re the next Prince, Michael or even Stevie.

Introducing Jaleel Knight, hip-hop’s answer to “Stevie Wonder.”

His songs tell the journey of a blind man surviving in one of the toughest cities in America, “B’more” Maryland aka Charm City or Mobtown.

If you were a fan of HBO’s seminal series, “The Wire,” then imagine that culture and lifestyle, then picture enduring that lifestyle as a blind person. Unimaginable, right? 

Well, Jaleel survived it all and has created an opus of music to deliver to the world as his debut. With the guidance and direction from Debra “Ms.Deb” Antney, this young man won’t be a hard sell. 

His debut single and video captures the gritty and dark soul of Hip-Hop mixed with strong vocals and takes you places that only the third eye can see if you’ve never experienced it for yourself. 

His insight is so in tune with the world that you would wonder how anyone could call someone like Jaleel handicap because of his blindness. After witnessing his gifts, I believe he can see better than all of us.