Cambatta Comes Hard With “Ghost in the Machine”


(AllHipHop Music) The “Ghost in the Machine” as described by its sole creator Cambatta, is a multifaceted metaphorical anthem that illustrates one’s soul as the “Ghost” and one’s body as the “Machine ” on a microcosmic level. It also illustrates the human as the “Ghost” and the Political/Religious system as the “Machine” on a larger macrocosmic scale.

The highly energetic production by Udub of NYbangers (Young M.A’s “OOOUUU,” Casanova’s “Don’t Run”) creates an ominous yet inspiring, hard-hitting heart beat to accompany the ever complex, soul piercing body of lyricism Cambatta projects through this 3 minute and 44 second sermon-like rhythmic oration.

This song appears on Cambatta’s recent project Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definitive Metagod Trilogy) available for stream and download at

“If you don’t got the power than the world won’t believe you, trying to do good ($$$)? Do a little evil! If the cops don’t see you then it’s legal, I do this for my people! I’ll see you when Eye see you.” – Cambatta

Photo: Carlos “Lo5” Avila @photolo5Screen
Used by permission