Chi City – “8” (EP)


The “8” EP is a confident step forward for Chi City, as he shows he can combines his lyrical prowess with solid song making. On the stirring opener “G.H.E.T.T.O Kids”, Chi City details a picture between himself and the outlook of what life in ghetto really was like. “Born and raised in the streets n*gga / Momma wouldn’t of got up out her seat n*gga/ Rosa Parks on the menu dinner plate/ A n*gga ate in the same spot we put our feet n*gga.”

The meaning of “8” is also represented in the cover art, which symbolizes the track titles of every record on the EP. His talents, demonstrated through notable mixtapes have allowed him to gain a core following, but he still haven’t crossed over to puncturing the mainstream as of yet and now Chi City’s new EP “8” attempts to stretch that conversation.

Listen to Chi City’s “8” EP below.