Cokah Is Here To “Show Love”


Cokah is back with a new single “Show Love.”

Cokah is here to put on for all the female rappers in the world.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the rising star wears her heart on her sleeve, a true creative in every form of the word.

From singing to rapping to dancing to performing, the overall entertainer arrives with big dreams, proving the sky is the limit when it comes to your calling.

Now, she returns with her newest single titled “Show Love,” paired with a cinematic visual to match.

Real ones show love, and that’s all that matters in the end. Chillin’ in the studio with her boys Court St and Kay Wonder, Court St.

Speaking on how the record came to be, Cokah states, “I was in the studio with my boys Court st. and Kay wonder. Court st. played a loop he created, it automatically caught my ears and we all caught a vibe. I started singing ‘I DONT WANT NO SCRUBSSSS’. I don’t know why but it felt right. Both Court st. and Kay are both talented writers, Kay tossed a few lines at me and we’re like ‘nah, this gon’ be a hit’.”

With “Show Love,” Cokah hoped to create a song that wasn’t oversexualized, something fun.

The song brings back that nostalgic 90’s vibe that’s been missing. Listen above and get ready for Summer 2021!