Dante Tweaks Releases Highly Anticipated Single, “MADOFF”

Dante Tweaks, the artist and rapper, shot to fame with his song “Plug Ran Dry,” featured on BET Jams network

The city of New York is known for its diversity in the music culture, being the cradle of some of the global music icons. Conversely, Connecticut has always been an underdog in the music industry. CT is a place for live music and presents the world with some of the best venues for music concerts and clubs. Choosing between these two musical realms can be challenging for a true music enthusiast. Dante Tweaks, the popular rapper and music producer, says, why to choose when you can have the best of both worlds? He returns after a hiatus to reclaim his position in the industry with his upcoming project, MADOFF, which blends the musical culture of NYC with the vibe of CT to enthrall the audience. 

Dante Tweaks, the artist and rapper, shot to fame with his song “Plug Ran Dry,” featured on BET Jams network and earned immense popularity among audiences for its unique rhythm. “Plug Ran Dry ” was also ranked 69 on UK iTunes Music Charts, paving the way for Dante Tweaks into the closely-knit industry. After this hit, Dante’s career scaled up, and in 2018 he launched one of the best music studios in CT. However, after Dante’s fame and success, he went on a sudden hiatus from the industry for a year. The artist overcame his mental health issues and depression during this time. 

Now, Dante is back and fiercer with his music. His upcoming song, MADOFF, proves that the rapper is geared to redefine the music scene. MADOFF is a single, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dante Tweaks and his team at Howell Records Studios. This song will showcase the multi-faceted skills of the artist as a rapper, producer, composer, and editor. The main attraction of the video is the cameo of the famous social media influencers and music artist SPIDERCUZ with a large music fan base. 

MADOFF narrates the story of a Bad boy from a new perspective, one that promises to capture Dante’s very audience listeners will feel connected to the very end. The artist has worked tirelessly to see this project succeed. In the spirit of excellence, he had various shoots across exclusive locales across New York. He believes this move will truly add a visually aesthetic element to the song. Dante as an artist has a keen eye for attention to detail and will never settle for anything less than what he wants. Considering this, the video will be a treat for the sore eyes that will perfectly complement the mood and theme of the song.

Besides the visual and the concept, Dante’s MADOFF will be a melodic masterpiece. The song, as Dante describes, will stand out “with its trippy, almost skit-like effects with a background music that bumps hard.” Going by his words, MADOFF will be a fresh wave of energetic rhythm and electrifying beats that spurs people to groove any time of the day. 

MADOFF is set for release on October 11 this year. Dante, a perfectionist, is putting some final touches as he is highly optimistic about this come-back project. He feels MADOFF will set a different standard for him as an artist, not only replicating but surpassing the success of all his previous releases.