Darnell Da’Bachelor Roots Come From Mississippi

MS based singer, songwriter, and producer Darnell Da’Bachelor has always been meant to be an artist.

Growing up in the church, Darnell Da’Bachelor spent the beginning of his life singing in a gospel choir. Although the choir set the groundwork for the creative’s success later in life, Darnell Da’Bachelor’s main passions in music lie elsewhere. Darnell Da’Bachelor is deeply inspired by the blues and soulful music, finding that the two genres have a unique way of bringing people together. “Outside of church I found that soulful music, the blues, brings people together,” explained Darnell Da’Bachelor. 

Focused on making his mark in modern soul music, Darnell Da’Bachelor is focused and on a mission to reach others through his craft. “I’d like for people to not feel isolated or alone. I want them to find, in my music, someone who can relate to their troubles as well as their dreams,” said Darnell Da’Bachelor. The artist is poised to make a loud return in 2022, planning to drop a new album in the spring.  You can find more info on the creative below. You can listen to Darnell Da’Bachelor here: 

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